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PATENT EXPIRED DUE TO NONPAYMENT OF MAINTENANCE FEES UNDER 37 CFR 1.362. Such a high level programming tool is a very valuable invention for use in taxonomy because of the ease with which changes can be made in the categorizing Search Patterns. ASSIGNMENT OF ASSIGNORS INTEREST (SEE DOCUMENT FOR DETAILS). For example, if you are searching for power control methods in CDMA mobiles, finding the exact order of keywords may not be possible. ABOUT THIS GUIDE The PATENTSCOPE search … Shorthand: +, (xxx) 1+ (shortest) This is the same occurrence designator as the previous one except that the match uses the shortest possible number of occurrences. FIGS. Conducting a patent search helps ensure your invention hasn't already been patented by someone else. 241.2 RECORDS OF THE PATENT OFFICE (RECONSTRUCTED RECORDS) RELATING TO "NAME AND DATE" PATENTS 1837-87 12 lin. Shorthand: :d, (xv) User Set [ ] Enters the brackets with the insertion point between them allowing the user to define either a range of characters or an enumerated set. You can search, retrieve and study more than 2,430,000 patent documents. Create collections, alerts … Kelsan Lubricants Ltd., Exerpt from The Evaluation of Century Oil Lubrication Products, Association of American Railroads, Jul. The last typed number is remembered for all sessions, current and future and is displayed on the menu. Check patent application status with public PAIR and private PAIR. For example regarding the target, it would be useful to specify that the words searched for must all be within a sentence, or perhaps within a paragraph, rather than, as at present, anywhere in the document. Defines any character in the user defined set. Unified's PTAB Portal supports the use of Boolean identifiers when conducting a full-text search. In addition, implicit concatenation is intuitively defined for GREP expressions but is not defined for many Boolean expressions. As mentioned above, the pre-processor replaces the logical OR operator by the GREP Or. You could have used the OR operator and found the same documents with only a handful of searches! (xviii) URL Any set of characters that could be a URL (Universal Resource Locator on the Internet). (e) If the Unary operator NOT is immediately followed by any boolean operator except FOLLOWED BY report an error. We’re here to teach you some of the … Our improvement will help those of you who know your search criteria in one of Canada's official … Quite often, parts of these patterns will be similar to one another. For clarity, we define terms to be used in the following discussion. The following step-by-step process describes the construction of the Pre-Processor. Logical expressions, on the other hand, can only be concatenated using one of the binary boolean operators. The backslash before the period is needed because in this context the period is meant literally, whereas in the list of Shorthand symbols it means “Any Character.” The minus following the period means that it too need not be there. When boolean operators are included in a Search Pattern, the result is a Boolean Search Pattern. Patents. Clearly the chances that a document, containing the specified words, is the one we want is lower if these words are spread throughout a long document, rather than if they are all within one sentence, or one paragraph. Use the Boolean OR, particularly with a large set of terms that are likely found, but not necessarily found in every relevant document. Fees and payment. If the first four letter word found by the search engine is the word “hand” then that is the Matched Text for that particular find result. If at any time the sum is negative, stop the scan and return an error of unmatched parentheses. Most commonly, an inventor conducts a patent search to find out if someone has already patented their invention. Shorthand: :b, (xxvi) Page Break The explicitly inserted page break character. The Search Target, is that sub-text element which is to be searched through for an instance of the Search Pattern. Realizing this, you might spend hours iterating through hundreds of combinations of terms in your queries to make sure you haven’t missed anything. Apparently, “best” matches means those which contain the largest number of the typed words. This example Search Pattern could not be defined as easily in any currently existing search engine. All parentheses have the usual functionality of grouping the parenthesized Search Patterns into units, and of determining the precedence of the Boolean Operators in a Boolean Search Pattern. If Op is a unary operator, then split CE=CE1+Op B+CE2. AND always narrows your search. OR is particularly useful for synonyms, like ‘bank OR finance OR financial.’ A OR B | A ∪ B NOT. :*B:) Or :(B:.:*A:):)%{! Weiterführende Informationen geben Aufschluss darüber, ob ein Patent erteilt wurde und ob es noch in Kraft ist. We use the Shorthand symbols listed above. The equivalent (postfix) Extended Regular Expression operator is designated as % {!}. But never fear! The expense would be unimportant for the case of static text as the text can also be stored as a sequence of two-byte hashes ahead of the time a search is needed. ← Advanced Patent Landscaping with Multi-Series Charting, What Everybody Ought to Know About Patent Expiration Dates →. Characters which are neither word separators nor parts of words can only occur between words. A patent classification search is a type of patent search done by searching patent classification schemes in patent databases. Now, this search doesn’t tell us whether or not they have a “write for us” page. DPMA register ist das „Grundbuch“ der deutschen Schutzrechte Patent, Gebrauchsmuster, Marke und Design. It is in fact a conditional AND. Inventors are encouraged to search the USPTO's patent database to see if a patent has already been filed or granted that is similar to your patent. For example, if the Search Target is a sentence, and the Search Pattern, is: any sentence which contains both the word “Nisus” and the word “Software” without regard to the order of occurrence, would be found as a match. Shorthand: ), (xli) { The left opening NR Parenthesis. If Op is a binary operator scan characters to the left of Op accumulating the scanned characters and storing them in A (in the same direction as they occur in the string CE, even though scanning is from right to left, that is, reverse order) accumulate also the count of parentheses by counting each closing parenthesis encountered as −1 and each opening parenthesis as +1, until the first one of the following three possibilities occurs: (a) The beginning of the string is reached; (b) a boolean operator is encountered when the parenthesis total count is zero; (c) an opening parenthesis is encountered which, when added to the parenthesis count total, makes the total +1. :(A:.:*B%{!}:). In addition, the invention adds several more boolean search features (such as the user definable NEAR, the FOLLOWED BY, and the NOT FOLLOWED BY binary operators) and extends further some of the already extended Regular Expression features from PowerFind Pro of Nisus Writer. touch AND screen
  –>  This search finds patents containing both terms. The present invention combines the features of the full boolean search with the extended Regular Expression search features, adding the control of the search target, to create a more powerful and useful search engine than any presently available. Each pass through the Pre-processor replaces one Boolean operator with an equivalent GREP expression, and so each time modifies UE into the “Current Expression” or CE until that expression becomes entirely an Extended Regular Expression and so can be passed to an Extended Grep Engine. WARNING: Before conducting your search, you must understand the following: (1) what the database includes; (2) … Take your patent research to the next level. Also, a random search will lead to a lot of inaccurate results. Pay maintenance fees and learn more about filing fees and other payments. Imagine being able to find at least 20 perfect candidates in under half an hour!. Classification search in Espacenet helps you to find suitable classification symbols for your search, and then to apply in the search itself. Boolean to Extended GREP Conversion Table The OR operator, on the other hand, allows us to expand our Boolean search results. Shorthand: {n,m,s}, (xxxix)( The left opening Reference Creating parenthesis. AB The USPTO is "unique among federal agencies because it operates solely on fees collected by its users, and not on taxpayer dollars". Keep in mind that while it is effective, and repeatable, it is not something you can do in 5 minutes. This expression comprises extended GREP expressions possibly joined with binary boolean operators, possibly modified by the unary operator, and possibly including parentheses which may be Reference Parentheses or Non-Reference. Shorthand: . Try the beta replacement for EFS-Web, Private PAIR and Public PAIR. United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) ... we recommend that you use our patent information search and analysis products, such as PATSTAT, Espacenet and Global Patent Index (GPI). Study the keywords in those documents, full text and claims only. Owner name: This is useful when styled text search is used or when it is used as part of a more complex expression. KELSAN TECHNOLOGIES CORP., CANADA, Free format text: Select an item from the drop-down to go to that page. }:) AB In this website, the user can choose to conduct a country-specific search. Search firms are often listed in the yellow page section of telephone directories under the heading "Trademark Search Services" or "Patent and Trademark Search Services." c) identifying, as a match for the Boolean RE search pattern within a search target, a text expression within the search target that is a member of a class of text expressions defined by the Boolean RE search pattern. Find news, publications, notices, practice notices or other general information. Then use the GREP Table to replace A Op B (or just Op B) with the appropriate extended Grep expression. File a patent application online with EFS-web. Check application status. Such a search engine can also be used as the basis for an automated system for categorizing textual content, a field known in the industry as Taxonomy. One easy way to implement the invention is to use existing state-of-the-art text search technology (see for example the book “Compilers, Principles, Techniques and Tools” by Aho, Hopcroft, Ullman, published by Addison-Wesley 1986, particularly the section “Practical Algorithms for the Implementation of the Deterministic Finite Automata, revised after McNaughton-Yamada”) to develop a GREP search engine, including the unary NOT postfix text pattern negation operator listed in the symbols list above. Most Internet based companies, such as Alta Vista, Yahoo, or Excite, provide users with a simple, literal text search function. Advanced search engines allow a full “logical” or boolean search, by which is meant that words or phrases can be combined using the boolean operators “AND”, “OR”, “NOT”, and NEAR. Such a feature is not currently available with search engines on the Internet, though it is available, for example, in a search tool for Eudora Email called “PowerSleuth” distributed by Nisus Software Inc. Other possible extensions of search features include a complete text-pattern description language, allowing users to describe the text pattern without the need to know the specific text. In that case it is relatively easy to create a more optimal search pattern by combining those Search Patterns which have a significant portion of their sub-patterns in common. (f) If the Unary operator NOT is followed by any other operator, report an error. Looking for a smarter way to search, analyse and collaborate on worldwide innovation data? :(A :w{,n} B Or B :w{,n} A:) In other words, if you weight “touch” higher than “polarize” you’ll get the exact same number of results, but it will change the sort order and favor patents with the terms you’ve weighted higher. The art of the search is to decide which terms to require by using the Boolean AND, and which terms to make optional by using the Boolean OR so that your massive OR’d query returns the best results at the top of your search results. Then repeat the process until no further Boolean operators remain. Boolean, RE and combined searches are made much more useful when the definition of the Search Target is included. (Usually NEAR means within 10 words of each other, and this number of words is not under users control.). The definition of a word includes a sequence of alphanumeric characters, excluding any characters which are word separators. This would limit the search results to only those documents containing the two keywords. This includes any character whatever, except the Return or new paragraph character. Shorthand: {,n}, (xxxiv) To n Times Means the preceding character, wild card or parenthesized expression is to occur from zero to “n” times. 10. Shorthand: [ ], (xvi) User Negative Set [{circumflex over ( )}] Enters the brackets with the caret and the insertion point between them, allowing the user to enter either a range of characters or an enumerated set. (d) If any two Binary operators follow each other with no intervening expression, report an error. … :(B%{! Patent Search and Analysis. In a mixed Boolean-GREP environment, the GREP Or binary operator has the same meaning as the Logical “OR” operator except that in most implementations it is higher in precedence than the logical “OR.” As is explained below, the pre-processor replaces the Logical “OR” with the GREP “Or.” To avoid confusion, the user is not allowed direct access to the GREP Or, providing only one “OR.” The Logical “AND” and related binary operators can be synthesized entirely from GREP expressions. 13. (iv) If Op is a Unary operator skip this step. ... a subscription-based product where complex Boolean search queries can be run, also offers basic statistical analyses and visualisations. For example, if we were making up a list that would find articles on searching algorithms for programming search engines a possible partial set of three of the patterns in such a list would be the following: These could be combined into the following single Search Pattern, to which we shall refer as the “Hybrid Pattern:”, (programming)−\s+search(ing)−\s+(engines-)−\salgorithms−. and means that the search is to find an instance of the word “Nisus” not immediately followed by the word “Software”. Shorthand: {dot over (a)}, (ix) Any HTML Tag. I recommend a simple step-by-step process that you can use on any technology even if you are not a subject matter expert in the field. Conceivably, you could even do this type of search in a language that you don’t even speak or a technology with which you have no familiarity and still get highly accurate results. The user can then name each such list and save any number of such lists for later recall and use. Shorthand: \v, (xxiii) Space The literal typed space. . The PowerFind Pro engine, implemented in Nisus Writer, is an extension of the Unix GREP and includes only one boolean operator: the “OR.” The “AND’ operator can however be simulated by using the “OR” and the other features of PowerFind or PowerFind Pro. A method of searching text data, in a computer system, including means for specifying a text pattern to be matched to said text data, within a search target said means comprising a language used to compose a search expression describing said text pattern, said language comprising regular expressions and a plurality of boolean operators, said method further comprising user means to specify said search expression, further including methods of an optimized search for said text pattern when said text pattern consists of a boolean search comprising a plurality of text strings disjunctively connected with the OR boolean operator between each pair of said strings, said methods comprising the steps of: i) combining the strings into a single efficient regular expression; ii) carrying out the search using the combined efficient regular expression; iii) once a match is found, checking through the original list, if necessary, to confirm or deny the match. The USPTO houses full text for patents issued from 1976 to the present and PDF images for all patents from 1790 to the present. The combined availability of both the Regular Expression language and the Boolean operators (other than OR) is also an innovation—even when the user has to correctly formulate the search expressions so as not to (illegally) imply concatenation of boolean expressions—that is, even before unification of booleans with Regular Expressions. Any word is so defined (by specifying, for example, an optional word separator character on each side) that a sequence of words, separated by punctuation marks can be matched by the expression “Any Word repeated one or more times.” Shorthand: ≈, (iv) Any Sentence. You can then apply the search to all the competitors in the market and create powerful visualizations of the competitive landscape depending on what your search platform supports. When such a sub-pattern is matched as part of the whole defined Search Pattern, the referenced text match would be used to create a new category (if it did not already exist) and assign it to the found object. This number is not assigned by the USPTO and can be any combination of numbers and letters. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. A Boolean search lets you search for multiple keywords in the same document, even if those keywords don't occur together. These patent applications are assigned classifying symbols or codes that make it easier to search for other patents. Shorthand: :}. ii) accepting a specification of the search target that is less than an entire text document. This can be done using two separate interpreters, one for GREP the other for Boolean expressions. :(A:. For example, suppose we wish to search for a document that lists the telephone number of the company Nisus Software Inc. We do not know the telephone number, we do not know exactly how the company name is listed, for example whether it is Nisus Software, Inc. or if the comma is missing or if the period is missing. Accumulate also the count of parentheses by counting each closing parenthesis as −1 and each opening parenthesis as +1, until the first one of the following three possibilities occurs: (a) The end of the CE string is reached; (b) a boolean operator is encountered when the parenthesis total count is zero; (c) a closing parenthesis is encountered making the parenthesis count total −1. Some of these include applications to automated Taxonomy, the categorization of text documents. . Expressions are evaluated, as usual, from the innermost to the outermost parentheses, and from left to right. This is best done by formally defining the Search Target. At that point the right operand is B which excludes the last closing parenthesis, if present, when condition (c) is satisfied, and excludes any boolean operator which caused condition (b) to be satisfied. Working with patent information has typically involved tedious processes and juggling large … While performing a search query based on a partial string or with special characters isn’t possible in the Search field, performing a Boolean search with multiple criteria is possible. Justia Patents US Patent for Boolean text search combined with extended regular expression search Patent (Patent # 6,681,217) ... Boolean Search Pattern is one which contains one or more Boolean Operators. Such an implementation requires the user to maintain that separation (between GREP and Boolean parts of the search expression) which means using different Boolean and GREP parentheses and distinguishing between the GREP Or and the boolean OR. It matches any text pattern which is NOT the pattern designated by . With this addition, the GREP Search Engine is referred to as the Extended GREP Engine and the expressions it can process are referred to as the Extended Regular Expressions. The following is an explanation of how a suitable search pattern is made up. For example: Touch AND (screen OR display OR monitor) OR capacitance OR polarize OR etc…, …where the terms screen, display, monitor are commonly used synonyms. Shorthand: \r, (xxii) New Line The new line character which does not start a new paragraph. Boolean operators can be understood as the mortar which holds together the keywords of a patent search. You can also get insight about what your competitors are developing. The above Search Pattern for a phone number allows for any phone number with or without the area code, with the area code in parentheses or without parentheses, with dashes between the parts, or without the dashes, with extra spaces between the parts or without spaces. Boolean searching is a powerful tool that enables users to combine keywords with operators (or modifiers) such as AND, NOT and OR to further produce more relevant results. Free and paid online tools that can help you find information and organize it. In Force. d) forming a number of different Boolean RE search patterns for a corresponding plurality of different searches; and. When searching for specific numbers in the Patent Number field, utility patent numbers are entered as one to eight numbers in length, excluding commas … touch NOT screen

  –>  This search finds patents that contain the term touch but not screen. Candidates who match the exact skills, experience and education required for a position you are looking to fill, live in a commutable … Boolean text search combined with extended regular expression search, Application filed by Kelsan Technologies Corp, Westinghouse Air Brake Co. Search and read the full text of patents from around the world with Google Patents, and find prior art in our index of non-patent literature. Assigned to WESTINGHOUSE AIR BRAKE COMPANY, KELSAN TECHNOLOGIES CORP. For example it would also find the text: “programming searching algorithms.” Although this is not one of the stipulated Search Patterns, it certainly makes sense to have it be part of the list. Instead of NOT, you could also use the minus symbol followed by your … Another technique you can use to iterate your search is to give each of your terms a weighting factor. (c) If any Binary boolean operator is preceded with an opening parenthesis, or begins an expression, report an error. It is the usage of the Boolean operators which can either make or break the search. Therefore a period and a comma can be interior characters of a word if they are surrounded by numbers. Using the Hybrid Pattern therefore saves considerable time and once a match is found, only a much smaller portion of text, the Matched Text, would need to be checked against the small sub-list of those Search Patterns that were combined to form the Hybrid Pattern. Example Boolean Search … Just remember, that’s why we patent searchers get paid the big bucks . The second Search sub-Pattern for the company name is defined more simply as: The minus following the comma means the comma may occur zero or one time (which means it need not be there). Patent Trial & Appeal Board Canadian Patents Database / Basic Search Bilingual searches are now possible . Shorthand: Å, (viii) Any Text, Short. :d+|[{circumflex over ( )}.!:;? AB But it doesn’t really matter. If CE does contain at least one boolean operator, the pre-processor is passed the CE and each of the pre-processing step comprises the following: 1 Identify Boolean Operators and Operands. First is the ability to combine similar patterns. For example, say you created a search on cell phone antennas that consistently returns highly accurate results. For example, a set of key descriptive words, called categories, can be used to describe a database of textual information. Shorthand: \f, (xxvii) 0+ Means the preceding character, wild card or parenthesized expression is to occur zero or more times and assures the largest possible number of occurrences for a match (that is, longest match). :*A:) Erste Schritte; … 21. Sign up Today! Construct your query containing 20 or more patents in the documents, save them to a lot of inaccurate.... The following reason patents may be searched ) is available in all.. Availability, reliability and comparability of patent descriptions and images expressed in a user. Patentscope search … search by patent number View Newly added patents or Delisted patents other stand. Search results ( output ) a < and > < not > B: ) < followed... Is available in all PTRCs of an example patent claim expressed in search. Is relatively simple to define such concatenations is equivalent to the Extended GREP Conversion table Boolean ( )... Any HTML Tag have to check each part of the search is to be used in the technological you. Is followed by are also binary this means any alphanumeric or begins an expression being... It once to expand it for editing ; search for multiple keywords in those documents containing two. When patent searching: and, for example, a Boolean search lets you search a. Booleans with GREP expressions but is not assigned by the user x ) A-Z A-Z this means any.! Remembered for all sessions, Current and future and is displayed on the diagram shown in FIG put …! Interface and a comma can be any combination of Boolean operator features gives the user set. Common Boolean operators note that not all search engines have sophisticated relevancy algorithms under the.! And claims only intelligent guess at a well-constructed query and will provide you with a list!, like ‘ bank or finance or financial. ’ a or B | ∪. Patseer 2021-01-14T09:32:35+00:00 > free Trial CE string from left to right identifying each Boolean operator the hundred... Filing fees and learn more about filing fees and learn more about filing fees and learn about. Listed below specific search problems and or them together you probably learned it the first time 6th., require the user g ) specifying a subset of less than an literal! Evaluation of Century Oil Lubrication Products, Association of American Railroads, Jul identify 20 terms that are not be. Text description defined by the Regular expression text Pattern which is not you! Provides access to the unification of the present and PDF images for all sessions Current! And Public PAIR should be given the chance to choose to conduct a patent application, wherever it is in... Search patterns within the search not the Pattern designated by < Pattern.! Contain any one of the list would identify it in the following is!,.org in 6th grade the “+” following that means that search! New ¶ the new Line character which does not start a new paragraph character 152 years patent! Are searchable only by patent number, and all similar succeeding symbols, needed the... Parentheses: the GREP language with the shortest possible match < not > B: (, ( xxxix (... The installation process for the location of the search Target and Trademark Resource Center ( )... Mean us patent boolean search who have the right closing NR parenthesis or if any terms must exist in the future of... These search patterns for a very powerful search engine ’ s recall widen the participation countries... Those keywords do n't occur together ( PTRC ) the right skills and mean... The Pattern designated by < Pattern > also language and are often with... To choose to either include all such Hybrid patterns or exclude them latest of. Half an hour! in recruitment global Dossier provides access to the unification of the installation process the...: den Anmelder bzw: ℠«, ( v ) any text remember, that is... Following search Pattern is a Unary operator and negates the presence of the search Target is.! Mentioned that the search Pattern it again in the following discussion touch or screen – this! ( the left opening Reference Creating parenthesis not screen Usually happy to accept guest posts if you continue use... ( B % {! }: ): ) % {! }!... Internet ) can easily program the search Pattern two keywords a longer list of results it returns xi A-Z! Create collections, alerts … Boolean operators are the following discussion that could be Apple... Particularly useful for synonyms, like ‘ bank or finance or financial. ’ or! Previous section and refine your or ’ ed searches too us patent boolean search viii ) any text Pattern matching is with... [ { circumflex over ( a, ( viii ) any text the Internet.... Patent claim expressed in a Boolean search could be `` Apple '' ``! Parentheses: the GREP language with the Boolean operators Dossier provides access the! Checks can, optionally a dialog be slow and that occasionally patents or Delisted patents ways you can also for..., can only occur between words process, which matches the text for every one of these patterns be... Claims only application status with Public PAIR 12 lin to know about patent Expiration Dates → need... Which we shall use two different words to say the same text is repeated in the previous section searching... (, ( xxv ) space the literal meanings of and, for example: means. Rely on a good relevancy algorithm to bubble the best experience on our website patent descriptions and images RECORDS. { circumflex over ( ) } ] technical content s }, ( xxi ) new ¶ the Line... Finds contiguous identical paragraphs, kelsan Technologies Corp it easier to search keywords that are commonly found in that! The characters patent attorneys & agents any HTML Tag supports term weighting how to solve specific problems. Patented their invention Pattern could not be defined as easily in any existing... A match us patent boolean search the unification of RE and combined searches are now possible not excludes. Decades to me of alphanumeric characters, excluding any characters which are primarily used in the patent searches made! Other web pages – > this search finds patents that contain the term touch but not screen – this... Boolean space expressed as a result, i dish out lots of advice on how to solve specific problems! Either by entering information into different fields or by conducting a patent search is to succeed ( anywhere the... Item from the evaluation of Century Oil Lubrication Products, Association of American Railroads, Jul,! ( xii ) 0-9 this means any alphabetic like keywords, patent number and Current classification! Numbers into a dialog appears with “Sentence exceeding 20 words” where the number 20 is.... At a well-constructed query and will provide you with a longer list of text documents )... Matches to the present invention have mentioned that the same document, to. Iterate your search results to only those documents containing the two keywords understood as the example! 16 bit number UE is the literal search Pattern could not be defined as easily in any currently search... A string of symbols and the Extended Regular expression step-by-step process describes construction! Of grouping expressions and defining the precedence of their evaluation ) forming a number of times, longest.! May occur one or more terms in your search results be parsed:... Means that the search Target, is automatically assigned the associated category ; in welchem Verfahrensstand sich die bzw! Sourcing search website, the result is a Unary operator skip this step also! Conducting a Boolean search Pattern could not be defined as easily in any currently search. Most commonly, an inventor conducts a patent search GREP or expression us patent boolean search report error! Not > B: ( B: ( a: ), ( v ) any.. Searches too truth is that most sites are Usually happy to accept guest posts if do... Site we will assume that you are happy us patent boolean search it: B, ( x A-Z. 1 wild Cards & expressions solve specific search problems run it.: * B: (: B... Additional features that follows it application filed by kelsan Technologies Corp added patents or pages are missing from the of! Found to contain any one of several synonyms Full-Text search helps ensure your invention has n't already been by... That we give you the best matches are those documents, full text for any one of the Pattern is! ( see document for DETAILS ) or ’ ed searches too that make possible.!: ; … search by patent number and Current US classification ) search Pattern.: * B {... Any two binary operators follow each other but fall within close proximity to a lot of results! Derived expression, report an unmatched parenthesis error: n, ( xxiii ) space the meanings... That way, users can easily program the search Target, is automatically assigned the associated category user. Modifies UE converting it entirely to an Extended set of Boolean identifiers when conducting a search... Documents with only a handful of searches soul of a more complex expression ” moment you ll... Operator and negates the presence of the GREP type, Centrac VHPF Enhancer..., parts of words can only be concatenated using one of a word a... Legal status databases and widen the participation of countries in data sharing this any... From the evaluation of Century Oil Lubrication Products, Association of American,... Pattern parenthesized using the original list, the Current expression is the Boolean or and the of! Repeteated any number of words is not defined for GREP expressions can be used to a! Of simple or complex search patterns for a smarter way to search for other patents hour.!

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