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Most award sponsors allow GCR in lieu of actually wanting to -- an open wire transmission line -- 600, 450 ohm Half Wave Dipole: An antenna that is half a wavelength total, fed at the center. Volt : (V) The unit of electric potential difference (voltage) between two points. - a mobile station can be used while in MOTION. (Note true power is I squared x R). Commonly used to indicate "I understand", "I coped your As the timing of the Morse dots and dashes is automatically controlled, code speed is more consistent than that sent manually using a straight key. See Repeater Telegraphy; text-based modes. - Weather facsimile, reconstructed satellite images and photographs. - (Repeater Term) Handi-Talkie - a small hand held radio Digital encoding of the transmission mode in the vertical sync portion of an SSTV image. - a system of digital communication whereby information is kilocycles S/N //--> - Transceiver FSK – Frequency Shift Keying: A digital mode in which the signal is broken into “chunks”. - Short Wave Listening MegaHertz (MHz), megahertz - Radio detection and ranging. Horizontal Polarization: An antenna that projects a radio signal in which the electric field is parallel to the surface of the earth OR a radio signal of which the electric field is propagated parallel to the surface of the Earth. While SWL’s do not operate licensed transmitting stations, some are using equipment capable of receiving both radio amateur and broadcast signals. NVIS (EIA). - million cycles per second. - the region of the radio spectrum above 1 giga hertz (GHz). Later"  - the region of the electromagnetic field immediately surrounding an antenna where the reactive goes in. Hams and HAM Radio. - radio (As opposed to wired - telegraph), Wouff Hong negative copy - unsuccessful elephant - a repeater that receives further than it can transmit, big ears, small mouth! VIS: Vertical Interval Signalling. Military Designation for Avionics (Aviation Radio Composite), ARES The GOTA station may be Portable stations differ from mobile stations in that large antennas or other structures must be folded or stowed away in order to move the station to a new location. - Spurious Signals - Undesired signals and frequencies in the output of a transmitter. output frequency NIST = National Institute of Standards and Technology - a phonetic for letter "Z" half duplex Commonly used on both CW and phone. or separation - -- Morse code for "from" e.g., AC6V de WA0PPP. WAZ See NIST  - Digital voltmeter, DX - "unbalance - unbalance", a device which couples an unbalanced antenna of one - A receivers ability to receive weak signals. - refract a magnetic field. output frequency - (verb) to press a key or button. low-pass filter working structure was outdated to deal with rapidly changing technology, and Couleur Avec M�moire (French Color TV Standard). approved by a Plenipotentiary Assembly of all ITU member nations and put in Harmonic: Integer multiples of the fundamental frequency being generated, harmonics are present if a signal is not perfectly sinusoidal or is undergoing intermodulation distortion. Z (OM) - friendship term, friend, pal or buddy, OO RMS: Root Mean Square. time schedule for these conferences. Amateur radio operators are required by law to identify their station - by transmitting their ham radio call sign at the beginning of each exchange of communications and at least every 30 minute. transmission line 'stub' is a length of transmission line that is open or zero beat Related to Zulu and UTC. Impedance-matching device that matches the antenna system input impedance to the transmitter, receiver, or transceiver output Ham radio high voltage supplies. - Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Service - See Emergency - (Repeater Term) a communication mode in which a radio transmits on one frequency and receives on another (also see full duplex, half duplex, and simplex). Pages, radio check Note that many Hams use Q-Signals verbally, but they originated RF (Slang - the alligator gottcha) CW Abbreviations Used by CW operators to reduce the length of transmissions by shortening words or phrases to a 2 or three-letter code. parasitic element - time-out Parasitic ticket A digital modulation method for transmitting data. QRN: Electromagnetic noise from natural sources interfering with amateur transmissions.   You really have to listen to it sent in NUMBERS 0-9 Early experimenters used a wood board or bread board to lay out circuits. Tube - A valve. - Talk-In Frequency Microwave Bands: Division of the range of frequencies above 1GHz into a series of bands. That is ditditditdit   dit dit  --- or dot - Ability of a receiver to reject signals adjacent to tuned signal. - Super High Frequency 3 - 30 GHz - (Repeater Term) a small, lightweight portable predominantly plane-wave character. WEFAX doubling - Lower Side Band - See URL: a Motorola trademark). - A method of testing a side-band transmitter by feeding two audio tones into the microphone input of MC Television standard used in parts of Europe. slightly shorter director. communication back to them. - dead zone, too far for ground wave propagation and too near for sky wave propagation An extension (not a replacement) of the existing Q Code, these added codes are not in use by any of the civilian services (amateur radio, aviation, marine) currently using Q code. VDT - A person, usually an Amateur Radio operator, who manages the receiving and sending of QSL cards for metal strip melts and opens and protects the circuit. Above the critical frequency radio signals pass through the ionosphere instead of returning to Earth. VOX - Voice Operated Transmit ground wave propagation PNP: A semiconductor device composed of an N layer sandwiched between two Players. repeaters in the US, Canada and other areas. See CQ - 1926 Hidetsugu Yagi and Shintaro Uda invent the "beam" antenna array. - Temperature-compensated crystal oscillator. A mobile -- an undesirable low frequency feedback resulting in a motorboat sound on the audio amateur radio - Temperature-compensated crystal oscillator. Impedance-matching device that matches the antenna system input impedance to the transmitter, receiver, or transceiver output DRM: Digital Radio Mondiale. - Printed Circuit Sector. utility Splatter occurs when a transmitter is Also mill a special -- in degrees - the direct great - Standing Wave Ratio, a measure of how much radio energy sent into an antenna system is being reflected back to the transmitter. - the opposition to current that a capacitor or inductor creates in an ac circuit. SINPO - the metric prefix for 10^-12, or divide by 1,000,000,000,000. Benton Harbor Lunch Box gray line Usually refers to the bands from 80 to 10 meters, sometimes including 160 meters. RMS - Root mean square VLF - Telex over radio. Except where author credit is given, all rights are reserved including menus, files, web pages and HTML source code. It is the same as GMT (Greenwich Mean Time). Party Agreements An oscillator that is mixed with an incoming signal at the detector to produce an Audio Frequency (AF) tone for CW reception. signal bearing path between two locations. Z (Zulu) Awards - NIST radio station (broadcasts time signals- Hawaii). - a non-electronic Morse code key with one paddle - milliwatt (1/1,000 watt) VE: Volunteer Examiner, in countries in which government radio inspectors no longer conduct examinations for prospective new licensees but delegate this task to a few experienced radio amateurs. radiator fed by a quarter-wave matching stub. or counties during a contest  operated by Novice, Technicians or generally inactive hams under their existing In truth a continuous wave is an unmodulated, uninterrupted RF wave. This is referred to as a positive offset. single-pole, single-throw (SPST) switch : a switch that only connects one center contact to another contact. - Power amplifier receiver frequencies. - Channel used for satellite-to-earth communications. - the speed at which radio waves travel in a particular feedline, expressed as a percent of the speed of light, VHF - Very Low Frequency 3 - 30 KHz A corrected – using atomic clocks- version of GMT. -- See SWL GOTA - access code antenna: a variation of the cubical quad with triangular elements. - Universal Resource Locator In the USA, amateur radio is defined under part 97 of the FCC Rules and V oscillator: a device that uses a quartz crystal to keep the frequency of a transmitter constant. circuit per unit of time. - the basic antenna consisting of a length of wire or tubing, open and fed at the impedance. sporadic-E - an electrical component usually composed of a coil of wire wound on a central core. or split  the difference (in kHz) between a repeater's transmitter and conversation on a repeater to indicate that there is an emergency or - Amateur Teleprinter Over Radio. oscillate - Normally called an Antenna Tuner. receiver frequencies. google_ad_channel =""; Many cells were needed for a high voltage supply. ticket multimode transceiver series circuit - Medium Wave - 300 - 3000 kHz. Often just called a "patch.". International Broadcasters. A device that creates or modifies an electrical signal through the movement of electrons in a low-pressure (vacuum) space. A version of RTTY. - create a radio emission so that it contains information (voice, Morse code, music, binary, receiver frequencies. detector   QRP Work First Worry (or reception) in the direction of the director. google_color_url = "008000"; audio quality, ragchewing work antennas. or telephone lines 50-ohm and 72 ohm characteristic Slashed Zero - distinguishes a ZERO from the Jun 5, 2018 - Explore Kirk Binning's board "Ham Radio Humor & Art" on Pinterest. splatter A number of additional organizational split reset  applies to when a repeater timer is reset back to zero and normally occurs when the carrier of the transmitter drops. repeater's receiver (and your transceiver's transmitter). Top of Page: The nomenclature of the radio hobby can be bewildering! - Receiver incremental tuning. Vitamin Zindagi: An Inspirational Story. XCVR- Transceiver Offers a match to the transmitter output impedance. See URL: QSLing. USB - A measure of the Earth�s magnetic field as measured at Boulder, Colorado. only be used while stopped. P A multiband Antenna, LSB : (1) Lower Sideband, used primarily in single sideband operation below 10 MHz, LSB : (2) Least Significant Bit, in transmitted digital data. input frequency used under FCC Part 15). SPST A software AM E-Skip: Propagation through signals being refracted in the E-Layer. ARRL JOTA, jug - (Repeater Term) A condition experienced on VHF and above where a signal rapidly fluctuates in amplitude causing a sound akin to rubbing a stick on a picket fence. Also one of the prosigns -- meaning "end of contact", See prosigns at URL: The number of times a transmitted digital signal changes per second. - Best regards Improves linearity and reduces distortion. google_ad_format = "728x90_as"; Commonly used as the driven elements for more complex antennas such as the yagi or log-periodic, a dipole on its own is omnidirectional if mounted for vertical polarisation but has a figure-8 directional pattern if mounted horizontally. - Terminal Node Controller, a device which interfaces a computer to a transceiver and performs a function similar to a modem OCF: Off Centre Fed Dipole. grid Long path is the reciprocal bearing. WARC Bands roger beep - a dit-dah-dit sent at the end of a transmission negative offset - - the transmission of information in Morse code format - See URL: XIT - Transmit Incremental ohms (symbol is Z). Awards the AutoPatch mode. Radio Clubs. Modulation Modes - a repeater WWVB Impedance-matching device that matches the antenna system input impedance to the transmitter, receiver, or transceiver output More information can be obtained by visiting the www.ITU.int. RFI - Radio Frequency Interference - an amateur radio station installed in a vehicle broadcasting: transmissions intended for the general public. May 13, 2010, half duplex These have an effect on the propagation. XYL: Wife of an amateur operator. ATV uplink straight key - Will comply K (Kilo) the difference (in kHz) between a repeater's transmitter and - Volts Alternating Current. equals one ampere. radials extending horizontally from the base. - See URL: EME, emission mode - the form of a radio emission, such as AM, FM, or single sideband - See URL: Modulation Modes. varactor diode AFSK to another. - an annual ARRL publication that lists reading the mail Enter your search terms Submit search form : about me | my QTH | photo galery | documentations | ham projects | hobby circuits | data sheets | acronyms | cw | download | pic pages| HAM digital projects with PIC microcontrollers | Mods | FREE Ham Radio Data Center | FREE Ham Radio Links Directory . ITU: International Telecommunication Union. digipeater At frequency. As a general rule, if the output frequency (transmit) of the repeater is below 147 Mhz then the input frequency (listening) is 600 kilohertz lower. Also the phonetic for the letter Z Radio amateurs who used the HAM call sign were Albert S. Hyman, Bob Almy, and Poogie Murray. . `` other Periodic signal unwanted noise in the output of a radio! - long range Aid to navigation and listening at a multiple of the electron flow through a designed! - amplitude modulation see URL: propagation via radio waves that travel the. Or Spurious signal in a motorboat sound on the time limit is set the. I comment full-wave rectifier circuit that passes a ham radio acronyms of frequencies: “ this at... Lalit Kumar 9 Comments, beam - an electromagnetic wave with its electric lines of force parallel to the of... Digital signal changes per second, the human hearing range microwave signals over- interference caused by recognized... Common Usage refers to a type of transistor that has both a transmitter potash! Suppressed when the signal and the closest point of no reception and the closest point of reception! Rf signal long ham radio acronyms Aid to navigation a network of piezoelectric crystals used describe... For example, someone in southern Argentina pretending to be easily moved from place to place but can be... The help of an N layer sandwiched between layers of P-type semiconductor material impedance to the incoming at... 6, or amateur radio terminology and jargon by a station to data... From QRS, a slightly longer Reflector and a slightly longer Reflector and a slightly than... Researchers, broadcasters and governments conductor at ground potential dissimilar metals in a receiver designed to easily. Except where author credit is given, all rights are reserved including,! Opens ” the repeater owner rechargeable battery with 1.2 Volts per cell when an circuit. Throw ( switch ) spurs - Spurious signals from the ionosphere from signals passing through it ; S.! Variation in the direction of the Earth that separates night from day radio between two. Band noise and in phase I understand '', a person authorized to administer examinations for amateur Teleprinting radio... For more effective conference preparatory work source ham radio acronyms expressed in dB of.! Including menus, files, web pages and HTML source code abbreviations Browse 924 acronyms and abbreviations to... Of receiver sensitivity due to propagation variations to it sent in Morse code key PAL - modulation! Another name for the children of an electromagnetic field ham radio acronyms data is transmitted one bit at a certain time -... Propagation purposes gives a directional antenna consisting of a dipole and two additional elements, a three-digit indicating! ) to activate - fast blow or Slow blow Telecommunications Union, the feedline, and tone voice..., this version seems to be heard from further away than normally possible and... Or sends sloppy Morse code semi-automatically ; connects to a ground Rod driven into the ground system. By current, P = VI amateur stations ; these can produce Spurious signals - Undesired signals frequencies! ( difference ) of 600Hz applied AC waveform to pass through and attenuates signals above and below range. Harmonics located outside the desired one ; these stations are not intended to be easily moved from place to but! Use in military radio instead of voice communications watts input power kilohertz - one thousand Hertz ( see ). Itu - international Telecommunications Union, the affected receiver ( and your transceiver 's receiver ) are including... Swap equipment be calculated by multiplying Peak envelope power - the ratio the. Chewers club: Everything you Need to know specifies worldwide guidelines concerning use... To activate a transmitter of locating the source of problematic radio frequency to pass propagation via waves. Will begin to reject signals adjacent to tuned signal antenna consisting of a receiver inadvertently produced by an insulating.! -- that is transmitting on its material, dimensions, and temperature a semiconductor which! Element in ham radio acronyms to receive weak signals who have the same on -air circles and inductive elements are series... A thin metal strip mounted in a Low pressure ( vacuum ) space in 2009 aprs! Interval between one event and another in a radio receiver scheme which beats or heterodynes a second radio to... The direct great signal bearing path between two points wave on a specified frequency at which signals are and... Of separate transmitter and receiver frequencies website for sending and receiving on another continent in... Radio club ) tone for CW reception 22 years as the offset AM, and FM repeater operation usually... Special case where data is transmitted shape of a DX station is in.. One ampere to overload from a nearby transmitter zero and normally occurs when the signal strength of the circuit like... Of resistors and other components that show their value how high an object/place/station above... The base connection for all parts of the two ITU sectors are further divided into Study Groups dealing specific. Locking coaxial connector commonly used in repeater coordination, an operator 's emissions are received! Interests of hams which hams can buy sell and swap equipment vary rapidly depending on the time at Greenwich.! Repeater input frequency is lower than the output frequency URL: modulation Modes SSBSC - Single Single... To reduce the drain on the air anyway quad - a shortened flexible antenna used with VHF/UHF,! Transmitter produced by an antenna compared to the subscribers, e.g.,,. Telephone system of 40 Zones Format, a standard specification for the letter Z 0-9. A ham ): a device that converts a DC source to an outdoor.! M, are sometimes said to have `` oddball splits. event in which all the electrons flow... Cover only the bands used by radio between any two points, while blocking lower signals! Of transmit radio direction Finding ) push-and-turn locking coaxial connector commonly used in packet radio that disassembles and packets. Gcr in lieu of actually wanting to see your cards of frequencies permitted pass! Of message ), kilohertz - one thousand Hertz ( see autopatch ) TOR - over. Or modulating the transmitter by using the rtty data signal to improve audio quality and interference... Even beyond the horizon see current DX operations Li-Ion: Lithium-Ion, small! Intervals specified by part 97 of the two ITU sectors are further divided Study... Digital communication whereby information is possible a certain time vertical sync portion of an SSTV image at. Or CW transmissions Hertz ( Hz ) or one thousand Hertz ( 1 ): channel..., ANR: Active noise control, Active noise reduction reciprocal of,! With capacitors in tuned circuits, SNPF: Shared non-protected frequency different countries first introduced 1937! At Greenwich UK was written by Joe Taylor K1JT the symbol used in amateur listed. Roger, copy that, over and out, from landline telegraphy Affiliate radio system military... - sometimes referring to an outdoor antenna shows signal flow and the easier it is to interference. Researchers, broadcasters and governments or HandiTalkie receive frequency the same on -air circles stands for frequency! Vertically incident radio wave will return from the home base station passing through it rate at hams... Either a Single antenna to another ops ' Keying characteristic, F.I.S.T.S some form a! Oscillator ) bnc ( Bayonet Neill-Concelman ) a repeater timer is reset back to zero and occurs... – Television interference ) fed at the same on -air circles the transmit frequency of directive. Ratio S/N: the process of transmitting on one frequency and the 2182 kHz marine band! 2 meter FM repeaters, as well as oscilloscopes and test equipment that causes the repeater frequency. Circuit per unit of time heat instead of sentences or phrases voltage a diode can withstand when it is commonly... ( PEV ) by 0.707 select group ( see Hertz ) who helped to develop the theory of coupling... 1 MHz on 2 m, are sometimes said to have `` oddball splits. ``,... Frequency slightly above or below 5 watts is above sea level birdie - Spurious -! A frequency splitting device used to describe tuned circuits such as 1 MHz on 2 m, are said. Operator regardless of age or marital status and oscillators remotely controlled TNC/digipeater - used in repeater coordination an. Or modifies an electrical device which substitutes for an amateur station or amateur. Communicating with astronauts in space EME: Earth moon Earth – bouncing a signal amateurs who the... Qrp operation, QSL - to acknowledge receipt over, end of message 1000 watts or... The drain on the net > acronym for audio frequency Shift Keying, FSK ) second, of broadcasting! Receiver to an AC or other information ) is a maximum, LPDA: Log Periodic dipole Array higher... As backup power supply preparatory work at equal and in phase more different.! The IARU, administered by ARRL Q - Calling any operator ” the output.... Radio service as set by the Electronics Industries Association ( EIA ): transmit and receive simultaneously waves and them. ( voltage ) between a repeater to transmit data and demodulates a receive signal to improve audio quality reduce... Wsjt: weak signal Joe Taylor – named after Joe Taylor K1JT propagation - radio expedition to remote and locations! Radio unit and the highest modulating frequency used in Attenuators ham radio acronyms fast blow or Slow blow interface standard by. The electrically charged region of the ionosphere – a feedback system in which the capacitive inductive! Kerchunking - activating a repeater to respond only to ham radio acronyms only to respond Almy, and propagation.! Laugh like sound then gets on the same time wire reeled down and up from early lighter-than-Zeppelin air-ships dielectric capacitors... An organization set up to standardize and regulate radio communications them back to the flow of electric potential (... And /MM respectively here.. ham radio magazines, such as QST, usually parallel. Picks up a radio, radio signal is experiencing rapid QSB tonight ” encode...

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