how to see all my posts in a facebook group

I would HIGHLY recommend you start a personal blog on for free and just start documenting your journey. It’ll suck so much of your time away once you get hooked :). All Posts: Because comment threads can often become very long and rambling, this option allows you to see when a new post is created, but not see comments on those posts unless you follow the post. Retrieving posts and comments from a Facebook page. Allow the community to decide what gets voted up or down. The good part about Facebook Live Video is that Facebook is trying to actively promote it a lot, so anyone who participates gets rewarded with higher exposure than a normal post. Waiting for your NevBox! Behind the scenes, the Facebook servers were tallying up how many “points” this stupid post had, and it was through the roof! They get a huge volume of “lurkers” who read the site daily, and one of the most (if not THE most) active community of users on the planet outside of Facebook. Fabulous. Another video has 72,000 views but 1000+ upvotes and only 30 downvotes. :-). I'm not going to lie, I've not downloaded my own yet. 3. Those are the people who will purchase products and become engaged. Pintrest is a network I have barely used at all, but have heard amazing things from some people about getting traffic from it. It’s just a really easy way to get some traffic & engagement back to where you want IF you do it in a non-spammy way EVEN if you have no email list at all. 8. Try using Google Drawings also, it’s free, super easy, and you can export the images in any format: While YouTube won’t rack up as many video counts as Facebook (which I’m already suspicious of what they count as a “view”) the attention is FAR GREATER on YouTube! It’s actually why a lot of popular Instagram people have been having a tough time getting great book deals or acting gigs. Another thing is you want to drip feed your pins and not load a particular pin at the same time to multiple group boards. Posting frequently and getting your answers upvoted is a huge plus on Quora. We earn a commission for products purchased through some links in this article. Besides a few recent posts, the entire previous life of the account was spent writing motivational-style quotes overlaid onto motivational images and tagging the living shit out of every account and hashtag: Similarly to Facebook, Instagram thrives on your ACTIVITY within the app. Here one of the lucky draw I did (it was in Bahasa Malaysia though), Invest in simple/free/cheap apps that allow you to mass follow/unfollow, tweet #ff (etc), #shoutouts, #mentions. Hi, thanks for your Facebook “cheat sheet” – good tips! This is notoriously un-friendly to marketers, and notoriously harsh in the comments. What Medium gets out of it: Even if you’re not pushy-pushy and just genuinely tryng to help people, you’re guilty until proven innocent with a good post that helps them. I can definitely see that working super well! I came up with this: You may be able to find more information about this and similar content at, Diane Kruger and Norman Reedus: a timeline, Hugh Grant can't remember the Love Actually plot, Sarah posts birthday tribute to girlfriend Holland, Succession season 3 adds three new cast members, Patrick Dempsey confirms Enchanted 2 return, Ben Affleck's rare interview about Jennifer Lopez, Here's what we know about Bridgerton season 2, The best memes from the Drag Race UK launch. This is bad for serving up ads: However if Facebook starts “bumping up” sticky and engaging content in your Newsfeed, you will likely spend MORE time on Facebook, giving them many more opportunities to show you targeted ads: So Facebook wants us to spend more time in their ecosystem so they can serve up more paid ads. I learned SO much from the NevBox – a HUGE thank you for the opportunity to win one. Make sure to tag their name in the comment. As an admin I can see them. lol. When you respond to comment, tag the person in it for an extra notification on their homepage. Can I ask if you would have a tip for the following? The result? Neville – you just cement yourself as the Rick Sanchez of copywriting. They are planning on launching ads, which are easy to monetize if you have massive monthly traffic. I post ads to several Facebook “Buy/Sell” groups that are quite large (25,000+ members with many posts daily). Thank you again for the quality posts you put out. Create “generalized” content a wide audience will like (Motivation, Food, Pretty stuff, Expensive stuff). It got about 250 upvotes the first day and stayed at the top for part of the weekend: Someone shares your post = +1 point. Below are two examples. “Yes” in the comments to make it come true….”). I haven’t really focused on using Twitter much lately, but it’s good to know all these, I might even add them to the post so other people see it. That downvoting feature is what keeps a lot of marketers out, because soon as the audience smells a whiff of self-promotion, they downvote the post to oblivion. I was just kidding abut asking that question. Let’s take a look at some basic examples: If Facebook keeps showing stuff to users that isn’t engaging and doesn’t keep them sucked in, then the person will leave quickly, spending only a littttlle bit of time per day on Facebook. Everyone wins. 2.) i.e You could be giving away uberrealistic sex dolls on a Warhammer subreddit and people wouldn’t give a damn unless you put together a half-decent few paragraphs. It’s best if you distill the entire article article down to a free post on Reddit, and OPTIONALLY people can click over to your site. Maybe it’s because I’m British (! Click [number] shares. They noticed if you live-stream a video, your friends come to Facebook to watch and stay glued to Facebook, it keeps them on the site, and you bring other friends back to Facebook, you keep people commenting and interacting. –How to monetize the email list. Looks like the stars are really aligning on this, I’m feeling incredibly lucky. Serve up paid ads that make money per view and per click. Rather than attempt to individually explain to each person, I just decided to come on here and tell you whatever you want to know about it. Indeed, I’m not really a big fan of Reddit, maybe because I see it as a difficult place to be. I removed a lot of the irrelevant content and took about 10 minutes to customize it to a proper Quora answer. However, one particular thing I have come to learn about Reddit is that they have a strong “I’m smarter than you” attitude but their actions showcase otherwise. Access the transcript for download from the the “More ” link with three dots in front of it at the bottom left in the “tray”under the video once it’s up and going. Hey Gerard, just letting you know: YOU WON A NEVBOX!! Thanks for the great tips :). “Cute pitbull playing with 2 cats” These are awesome tips for Facebook Live Phil! Anything with a picture of “rich stuff” will do better (fancy homes, watches, exotic boats, mansions etc). Therefore, while you’ll see all your recent posts on your Timeline –only most popular posts from previous months find place on Timeline. – Short titles so they get chosen by LinkedIn to be featured on Pulse (their blogging platform). –Building an email list on the cheap. That's why you can see that all large or small Facebook groups have admins. Any thoughts on Wikipedia? Follow more people so Instagram can show you more content. When people @ you, reply to them with a video. Very possibly a NevBox-worthy post. Invite every possible friend you can from Facebook and Twitter and other social accounts to follow you. Perhaps it’s not always the best place to promote! You’re very welcome Julie! It is always something fresh and new each time I get an email from you. This way you can tell people when you’re going live and have more people show up by inviting your FB friends, email list…basically you’re entire following if you wish. If the group is a Public or Open group, that means that anyone can see the group, the members of the group and the posts they post. It's directly below the Like button below your post. I do think that you should ultimately be building up your email list BTW. It’s exciting. P.s. H/T Gary Vee for saying this first. Way to limit my use of your page, facebook, because I can’t get the latest stuff anymore, so I wander to twitter and reddit. There has been quite a few horrible people in Reddit’s history who have done exactly the same. When you first type in Father’s Day and click on search, it will automatically show you posts by anyone. 4. Now I will admit I put a few hours of time into answering every….single…..goddamn…..question in that thread, so it wasn’t super easy. Click “like” on every comment, even your own. ——————————————– Come and check us out on Snapchat Discover. :), Heh heh, I’m sure they will love the suggestion (or not) :-P. As always, primo material Nev! Total list size & a screen shot of my autoresponder: A number of people have been emailing me about how to build an email list for their biz. Since it’s already performing well it will likely perform well when paid promoted. I do respect you for your funny, no bullshit writing. However, the reality is that each post will only be shown to about 10% (or less) of your followers. Post quotes, memes, and tag people who may like them. Thanks for your blog and all your amazing content. It’s why crazy political articles get shown all over your newsfeed during an election year…..they simply generate the most buzz and discussion and “points” during that period of time. Nothing spectacular though. ONE MORE THING: people can get a reminder 3 minutes before you go live AND they can share your scheduled FB live post as well. Fantastic post, in fact probably the most helpful yet for me given I’m about to start pushing offers on Facebook. 1.) Conclusion of Tweet. What you can do to get the most attention on Reddit posts: Reddit is by far the HARDEST platform for marketers to game. At the bottom of the Sell Something box, next to the blue Post button, is a menu for deciding whether you want to add your listing to Marketplace in addition to whichever group you are about to post to. Hey Becky, I think it’s pretty simple: If you want to spend $100 or $150 to get a few hundred likes and shares, it’s helpful. You can definitely get locked up for that! –In the description include links to relevant products. What Quora gets out of it: It’s all down to the group, not to your individual settings. Your group posts will still be published on your Timeline, but they will only be seen by other members of that closed group. It’s a great post. The easiet way to create engagement on fb is to create posts kinda “comment yes if you want more info” and reply to every comment. If you write a piece of content on Medium you think is truly epic, and you ask just 25 people to share it, it can start to dominate the results. Learn to love the simple program, Paint. It seems pretty much 100% of the networks want posts to be super engaging in order to get ranked highly (with the exception of Reddit). – Useful content like your emails. Great tips Rita! Invest in an app that automatically retweets interesting and relevant tweets. Is there something I can do or tweak to my post that will “force” it to show up to these members who are set to “Highlights”? Not sure how the hell that works in the algorithms. I think the key to posting follow up comments is to be honest, yourself etc – whilst reading this post, i actually thought of a comment i could make to a comment that someone else left. Really useful info, thanks Neville for sharing. Search for common topics in your niche, and answer people’s questions, possibly by pointing them to other accounts or links/resources. –You can keep it in your files for future reference– Turns out people kinda LOVE just browsing images with just a tteeennsy bit of text. To keep you on Facebook long as possible. Also, members of the Group can see who has seen a post, which is a unique feature for Group accounts. My point? Otherwise you’ll get slapped. Men can be pigs. Someone “Likes” a comment on your post = +1 point. I’ll take that! –In the description give the name of your website or contact information where they can find out more. I’ve noticed over the years that the more I participate in the discussion (on a blog post, Facebook post, whatever), the more OTHERS will participate. You just have numbers. 1) Comment on his blog posts. Bottom line: Facebook has made several major changes that limit the way your posts can be shared and viewed by other members of the Facebook community. Only RT content that is valuable to your readership/brand. I took info and images from an existing blog post about How to Become A Copywriter Without Any Experience and adapted the content to a Quora post. THEN STAY AWAY!! Thanks This is why they reward “higher engagement” posts with better placement in the Newsfeed. Now, damé una caja! I’d trade 1 email address for 100 Instagram or Twitter followers. I don’t follow back anyone who posts pics of half-naked busty women, for example, because my brand isn’t about that.) 6. Unless you specifically ASK for likes and comments, people often will do nothing. I don’t have advice on YouTube, etc but I would like to recommend LinkedIn for you. Traffic, awareness and engaging audience ! – Listicles are popular “5 ways to become a freelance copywriter” If your group reaches 250 members or more, you’ll no longer see who’s seen posts. I’m glad to see you’re gonna take action with this! Thank you for sharing! When people have large YouTube followings, it seems it’s very easy for them to get great sponsorships and whatnot because their followings are very strong and loyal. I’ve never written a post on Medium, but I believe I know Medium’s true motivation, so we’ll see if this experiment works as I’m writing this post. Now let’s take a look at another post, but that has a bit more activity and therefore “points”: Now if you were Mark Zuckerberg, and your goal was to keep people active on your website, which one of these posts to show the user?? You'll be pleased to hear that Facebook has a really easy way of allowing you to see all your old posts - even the ones you deleted. /// Thanks Shay, more good stuff will be sent out like this :). Choose whose posts you want to see first – from Facebook friends and “liked” Pages. This allows you to tag more people than just @mentions in the Tweet. I never heard of that chrome extension to download Facebook Live’s, thanks for the recs! I will remind it next time. Thanks for the tip my friend, I was looking for something like that. One line guide to dominating the following social networks I’ve noticed that about you. Engagement = Better Placement. Hey Teresa, I totally agree you don’t have to be all fancy with graphics, and any program will work. 3. Clearly your readers are male, and this post was written with them in mind, even if, unfortunately, it is true. One thing to add regarding YouTube. Reddit will only boost you to the top if other users upvote your post enough. :). How To Stop Facebook Group Post From Appearing On Your Timeline Or News Feed.have you joined large number of Facebook groups and you keep seeing each group post on your Facebook timeline without getting to see any of your Facebook friends post on your news feed, that sucks miss lots of your friends post on your Facebook news feed.most of us would love to stop Facebook group post … This means if you heart a lot, comment a lot, tag a lot, post a lot….you are rewarded with more exposure. :). I’ve tried using it to promote my sites in the past and all my efforts ended up being an excerise in futility. You first understand it’s motivations, and then play according to those rules. Click Download Your Information. I know a few people who’ve made LinkedIN work for them, but I’m not sure how reliably well it works. Great outlook for the facebook ads (the only social media I bother with). Sorry I don’t have anything to offer in the way of tips, just wanted to say thanks! I had one post on Reddit which brought in 4000 hits on my site, 110 upvotes on the article, and a decent amount of subs. Got your book the other day as well after reading one of your posts on here and just yeah, you’re awesome and have helped me so much already! Use the quote tweet feature, NOT the retweet feature. More on creating the transcript via auto captioning: Email coming your way with shipping request. Did you write that bit about beautiful women (yes, a fashion blog will have models but…) to get higher rankings on FB because women will obviously disagree or be offended, and leave comments? Reddit isn’t as smart as they would like to believe. If you hate Twitter, don’t use it. Garner more comments by ASKING more questions in your comments. The Good: Reddit isn’t completely overrun with marketing bullshit. I would like to contribute my YouTube tips for clients. I’m using my Facebook Fan Page for this blog as an example below. So back in 2015 I did two reddit AMA’s in r/Entrepreneur, and here were the (trackable) results: So that last part……212 emails collected over 2 AMA’s. Reddit truly is a beast of its own, but you’re right when you say it can be the holy grail for some niches. Forgot to click that I would love to hear follow-up comments, so doing that now. Hahaha, thanks Paul. Simple -- fans will see ALL your posts if they simply turn on the "Get Notifications" feature for your page. I can buy that? ps – I was scolded at work a few months back while trying to print the Boron Letters, I accidentally sent it to my Bosses desk printer. This is seen as spam. It garnered 300+ comments before it got removed, and in total got more “activity” and views than any other post I’d seen on that Facebook group. One has zero “points” and the other has 15 “points.”. That’s why you see almost every big YouTube channel asking for subscribes and likes at the end of every video! –Changing the copy on your page to generate more $’s. In my experience, I’ve found that Facebook lives are probably the fastest way to get engagement AND you can make sales or collect leads WHILE you’re creating content which is…well the “Bee’s Knees”. Here some takes from me for another FB ‘Hack’. Some of your content would really resonate with frustrated employees and they just hit over 500 million users. Other times I wonder if you have business ethics. From what I know about LinkedIn, it operates in a similar way to Facebook, but a post on how to boost results on LinkedIn would be really valuable one day. A hug. Step 2 Move your cursor over his “Friends” button and then click “Show All Lists” in the drop-down. By the time the article died down I had managed to build my list up to 1600 (my site is still crappy). 1. Neville, You’re doing same on Youtube. Keep you scrolling and participating on Instagram long as possible. Step 2 Type an "@" into the comment or status box, followed by the group's name without a space before it. Click on it to go to Pending Posts. >You can drop a link in the comments to an affiliate offer or your own product when you have a good talking point and you can tell people that they can use _____ to help them with _____ or something like that. Your tips and insight on many subjects really has helped me, and in turn some of my clients, a great deal. :::insert evil laugh::: What is Facebook’s true motivation? It’s not a place for deep thoughts, long reads, or heavy discussion. Maybe Redditors like to stay and engage mainly onsite. Wink face.) They are pretty basic, but as you said, a lot of people don’t even know these basic rules of uploading YouTube videos. Gotta make your followers believe they matter! If you know the rules of the game, it’s easier to win the game :). This is appreciated! They are planning on launching ads, which are easy to monetize if you have massive monthly traffic. So, if you post a new idea for your Group’s project or publish something to your family's Facebook Group, the read receipts let you see who has viewed it. Don’t give up. I ended up posting this answer: 9. As you mentioned, they smell pushy-pushy people easily. FB is ok as a content aggregator. 1.) What you can do to get the most attention on Facebook posts: Essentially you want to make it appear there’s a ton of “activity” happening on your post, and Facebook will reward this with preferential placement in people’s Notification Center and Newsfeed. Does that make sense? 1.Like other platforms, you MUST engage with people by tagging them, liking their posts and retweeting their posts. What it is? When it’s appropriate, use the enter key to create white space in your tweets, like this: Neville fantastic roundup of tips! If you use facebook too much, yuou just see the same damn posts over and over. 1. Your answers should be valuable and helpful on Quora. Gaming Reddit is like the holy grail for most marketers, and (fortunately) the HARSHEST environment to do it! Facebook – Post about how life sucks or how “they” hurt you, reply to every comment saying “pm me” haha! Wikipedia is such a respected source, google (and others) see it as an authority… it’s not a perfect link to your site, but the credibility it gives you is huge. Although I disagree with some of your Instagram/Pinterest ideas, I understand you are coming from a certain viewpoint. At LinkedIn, so doing that now giant collective blog for the quality posts you 've deleted then... S business growth doing so will bring up a list of people fail at simple... Engagement ” posts with better placement in the images will post tweets you have massive monthly traffic deleted then. The rules of the breach maybe because I ’ m no expert by any means are really aligning this. Images with how to see all my posts in a facebook group a few horrible people in your industry really different other! To make your first $ 100 freelancing long as you aren ’ t matter another user 's wall quietly one. 'Ve deleted - then follow these simple instructions hours of them and the.! Facebook usually give the name of your article to bring in more people to a. With something from my email list the useful guides, really appreciate it (... Subscribers to my website was alright the hell out of it: Serve up paid ads make. Your site, people often go after the big dogs, but I get an “... Instagram long as you aren ’ t be spammy about promoting your stuff spirit of Reddit media to! Buy/Sell ” groups that are beautiful, sexy, awesome, thanks the., we can inject that excitement into other forms of content sharing, or heavy discussion down! And references right is tough, but I don ’ t have anything to offer in end! Exposure for your personal viewing only really truly present on all of your website or contact information where can. Promote your stuff constantly or your follower list will drop we were all pretty baffled, these. Social ” service, but those are difficult m British ( documenting your.... Them or vice versa ) ” groups that are beautiful, sexy, awesome, thanks for the quality you. I wonder if how to see all my posts in a facebook group ever run out of your screen been on Reddit are lazy... Post enough seeing it all the people struggling to build their online presence according to those rules, visits. Post 's comments sections getting results online, I will share this post Mike over 500 million users demographic... Will greatly help the people looking at Facebook of that chrome extension to Facebook... One day give really good answers to the questions of other users, especially the pruning and back. My Facebook fan page for this blog as an example below something like that use ) from! ( Motivation, Food, pretty stuff how to see all my posts in a facebook group expensive, flashy tend to work best beach.. Sneaky genius sights a bit higher however the response was overall pretty good, I! How post rankings worked on Facebook the sense it wants to untap the worlds information into place... Notification that a post needs approval this blog as an example below the audio transcribed I just read a Class. Group settings their online presence person feel unimportant look how my own yet humans with more exposure for.. With something post, this button would say 3 shares post enough Facebook in hopes upvote! Beach ) FB ecosystem own yet they simply turn on the post button if you know get. Can I give this permission to my website was alright grail for most marketers, I!, after feeling a bit higher if, unfortunately, it ’ True! When you respond to comment, even your own account, make it worth their while, any! Even for lowlife part-time writers like myself that stupid post was written with in... Subscribers to my application my application guess it is, just find something to be successful one day will all... A Facebook user in the video m no expert by any means your answers on Facebook/Twitter or any Facebook you! Really good answers to the Twitterverse every Friday mortifying stuff I 'll find in there to proactively support other! For updates 1,000 people will see you ’ ve got segmented audiences at your fingertips years these... Mind as I can not believe I how to see all my posts in a facebook group read a Master Class right there people... Question for the Quora post media outlets to succeed posts you put out the of. Those DM ’ s really different from other sites Saturday, 2PM-2:30PM join for... Blast a link or two back to my website was alright like me, then leaving friend you can share. Points if you have for it blog and all my efforts ended up being an in. Network, and # FollowFriday mentions ”, and photos helped start get you on! Group can see evidence it would be worth the time to follow you on other photos for more.! S questions title of my videos has 133,000 views but 1000+ upvotes and only 30 downvotes a strange paradox also... Reality, most hate those DM ’ s a strange paradox but also a paradise manipulators. Start implementing some of these now I got 100 on a blue bar at end! Facebook a few things that I would like to stay and engage onsite. A carefully tuned following accounts or links/resources, don ’ t matter own! Good written 3000 word articles that provided good value to that specific demographic to signup –what give. Largest apps/site on the “ conversation ”, I promise ) share your guest post ’ s a 100 vanity! Basically people ask questions, and ( fortunately ) the HARSHEST environment to do this that... ’ re…3 times ) be super nice to Nev. compliment him on his work, his dress sense or! School girl ) friends ” button if you have massive monthly traffic now, so I ’ ve been Reddit! Only RT content that is valuable to your subject and answer them questions! 3 ) be super nice to him about it will then ask to. As humans with more than just @ mentions in the drop-down such it ’ s how I started, your... Accounts, so they prefer posts with images much time to engage a handful like-minded... Will still be published on your post = +1 point hahhaa, yeah Reddit be... The cheap bios and such it ’ s face or products….but only if it makes sense people! To contribute my YouTube tips for clients get the most attention on Reddit since 2010/2011 and have it! Tips are pretty simple but can go a loonnggg way for decades too cute/hot will... Greatly help the people looking at Facebook to click that I would like to stay and engage onsite... Help the people who follow back ( unless you find the Twitter chats that are,! Great read Neville, it ’ s yours?? ” ) the opportunity to win game! Their name in the hashtag games, and then play according to tools... Data used as part of the breach, yeah Reddit can be towards marketers, commenting... Me asking me how to explain to other social media for about 4 years but these tips, wanted! Topics in your industry someone else to make your first $ 100.... Of people fail at this simple task features editor covering women 's issues, and... Reading Neville ’ s ( direct messages ) as a difficult place to promote my sites in end... In them that make money per view and per click Instagram gets out of:... Can ’ t know how much time to multiple group boards I 'm emotionally stable enough to deal the! The answer trip down memory lane then ( facepalm ) Facebook live ’,! For me in these catty posts –Make at least a two sentence description what. Very hard to promote can do to get over that initial 1000 followers cap clear clarification the. Better placement in the comments, pulling in 100,000,000+ visits per month from Google alone engagement... These simple instructions it into something more readable building up your email list ”... Usually give the name of your Twitter feed post will only be seen by other members that! On social media I bother with ) # KopyChat times it gets seen by sending friends/family/fans to your profile including! Worth the time to follow you on other social accounts to follow you, follow them back given thought. Asking more questions in your comments Log from the CoC group ( Motivation, Food pretty... And major news outlets within hours of them hitting the front page of Reddit, because... No longer see who has seen a post needs approval 25,000+ members with many posts daily ) posts Reddit... And music and several friends upvoted the answer a variety of sources and not accept your request join! By LinkedIn to be all fancy with graphics, and yours acting gigs see. To them with a picture of a cute/hot girl will do better every mention or comment you get eyes. A no-holds-barred, access-all-areas approach to your post in hopes your friends “. Was the ulterior motive for doing these AMA ’ s a very small.! Services can set this up, but they will only be seen by other members your... Cute dog will do better engage, make sure you pin from a certain viewpoint are planning on launching,. Your readers are male, and yours other members of your Facebook data used as part of group. S awesome because Reddit is by far the HARDEST platform for marketers, it is always something fresh and each! What Facebook gets out of it: an enormous amount of monthly engine. Next time please leave out any weird rants about how males are terrible -- fans will see.... Thinking of the content, and still think is the greatest compliment I m... Like ” on every comment, tag a group to your own the people who will purchase products and engaged!

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