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You have had amazing grades in the past. R | 1h 33min | Crime, Drama, Thriller | 21 January 2008 (Hungary) Trevor is a troubled high school student, thanks to the effects of bullying. Throughout the play, Josh has been grappling with his actions: READ MORE - PRO MEMBERS ONLY Join the StageAgent community to learn more about this monologue from Bang Bang You're Dead and unlock other amazing theatre resources! Kids laughing at me! JESSIE I'll never have long talks at a candle lit table in the corner of a little restaurant. MATT Do you enjoy making everyone afraid? JESSIE A pain that eats your heart. ACTOR 4 The whole wrestling team. JOSH Felt like it, okay? 51._ JOSH Whoa...They'll all be in the cafeteria now. Dozens of witnesses. I'm pushed to my limits! He begins to look at the deceased with new respect.) How can you know all that? You can't wait to shoot your new rifle. JESSIE I'll never meet a beautiful, intelligent, caring fraternity boy who will look at me and see perfection. ACTOR 4 Watch out! JOSH Don't know? Go to your room! JOSH In my head. One script per cast member is required. (she goes back to her work) Guess what I wrote about. 47._ ACTOR 5 (VOICE IN THE DARK) Blackboard phantom's doin' summer school. (Josh pushes Michael who pushes him back and knocks Josh to the ground. EMILY Why anybody, Josh? JOSH How? 7._ ACTOR 3 (AS JOSH'S MOM) I wish you felt as passionate about your grades as you do about a rifle. JOSH Possibility of what? ACTOR 4/RUMOR No wonder he walks around all big and bad. ACTOR 2 Touchdown. A Play by William Mastrosimone About a month after the tragedy in Jonesboro, and a week after Springfield, one of my children came home from school and casually mentioned that, upon entering one of his classes, he and other students saw that some anonymous person had written on the blackboard: "I'm going to kill everyone in this class. EMILY I'll never see Paris. JOSH Lay off me. Why'd you kill me? Bang Bang You're Dead is a profound film tackling issues that are relevant. JOSH So what. 56._ MICHAEL Pepperoni. JOSH Like in a dream. MATT Why me? ACTOR 2 Air gun. Nobody could top that. ACTOR 2 (VOICE IN THE DARK) One bullet would quiet them forever. JOSH I don't like you. (Actors 1 and 3 walk off arguing.) JOSH No. Anybody. ACTOR 2 (AS JUDGE) The court will now hear from the public defender. JOSH And I poker-face her right back. Szereplők. MATT And fries. (Deceased carry the box back to original place.) 34._ ACTOR 4/RUMOR How are we supposed to get an education dodging bullets? Why can't I have another chance? Josh confronts them.) (Jessie squeezes catsup into Michael's hand. JESSIE Why? There's only one explanation—temporary insanity. ACTOR 2 Love it. MATT And the wonderment will eat you alive. ALL Thousands! Anything I say can be held against me in a court of law. EMILY A video game. When I killed you I killed all my possibilities, too. This is modern, contemporary stuff, where lives are on the line, not a cartoon. JOSH If she knew it was me, she wouldn't say it like that. JOSH Once upon a time. EMILY Can't find the buck in the scope-- MICHAEL Because your hands are shaking. ACTOR 3 (AS JOSH'S MOM) Josh, there's no way we're buying you a rifle. Wonder who he or she is? MICHAEL Fingers go numb. ACTOR 3 (VOICE IN THE DARK) Jonesboro. ACTOR 1 (AS JOSH'S DAD) You've got a high I.Q. ACTOR 3/RUMOR It could happen anywhere. ACTOR 4/RUMOR What killer? ACTOR 2 Respect. KATIE I'll never achieve my dreams. (These lines begin to overlap.) JOSH Grandpa wants to take me hunting. 11._ MICHAEL We're gonna open you up. ACTOR 5 Slam dunk. ACTOR 2/RUMOR What? We used to make mud pies together when we were little kids. ACTOR 3 (AS JOSH'S MOM) Josh, you know that's not true. ; M ` t � ® Æ ä 0 R i  ¬ Ê Ë ı ı ı ı ı ı ı ı ı ı ı ı ı ı ı ı ı ı ı ı ı ı ı ı ı ı ı ı ı Ë ò = A B ] z • ² Î ë ; S f y ‹ Ÿ ¶ × ø ! " (Lines begin overlapping again.) (Matt drops) DEAD! Why me? 62._ JOSH I miss-- (They drown him out.) Voices in the dark. You're all dead. MICHAEL You sit on a log for two hours. Maybe I'll just kill myself. ACTOR 1/RUMOR That's stupid. Why me? (Drum out.) Who's there? Maybe I'll be out of here when I'm twenty-one. One script per cast member is required. ACTOR 4 (VOICE IN THE DARK) Leave your brains on the wall. JOSH How good could I be if I'm forced to see a psychotherapist? I'll never do all I wanted to do. It should almost be "required" viewing for anyone who has any connection with education. MICHAEL You'll wish you were dead every so often. After a moment, a flashlight explores the stage, moves along the bottom length, then up, finding Josh asleep on the jail bed. KATIE What are you writing on the blackboard? ACTOR 2 (VOICE IN THE DARK) No more pain... JOSH Who said that? JOSH Just tell me who. You'll all see! DRUMMER (AS CON) Tomorr' we gonna see just how bad you are. JOSH Like the movie. What's yours? (Voices laugh mockingly.) JESSIE Why me? It's almost lunchtime. ALL DECEASED Bam! © William Mastrosimone 1998, 2009. JOSH How? Matt enters first, carries a bottle of catsup, sits, pours some on some imaginary fries, begins to eat, then starts on some homework. ACTOR 4 (AS PSYCHOTHERAPIST) You need psychotherapy sessions to get back into school. V ¸ ó ô ø ù . (Katie looks at Josh, beat, goes back to her book.) ACTOR 3 (AS JOSH'S MOM) We'll talk about a rifle when we see all A's. No friends. KATIE You don't know. What was that noise? JOSH That's dumb. GUNS IN ANY FORM MUST NEVER BE PART OF THIS PLAY.) DRUMMER (AS CON) Yo, bad boy. ACTOR 3 (AS JOSH'S MOM) How? JOSH Answers to what? ACTOR 5 (AS PRINCIPAL) Someone in this auditorium wrote some very threatening words on the blackboard. ACTOR 4 (VOICE IN THE DARK) You'd end your pain and stop the voices in your head. (Josh goes to his knees, devastated) Oh God. ACTOR 2/RUMOR What for? EMILY I'll never see my limits. gun JOSH Twelve gauge. MICHAEL The bullet that killed me pierced my parents' hearts, too. 29._ KATIE Believe it or not there are some people who don't take me for granted. Do it quick and clean. KATIE Duh. Perfect. Actor 2 stands behind box and bangs the gavel. JESSIE In silence. MICHAEL You see who you used to be-- (Slight beat.) KATIE I miss jumping into a cool pool on a hot day. MATT A face that hides the pain. He turns back to the audience and stands still.) JOSH You're wrong. JESSIE Why me? JOSH As the cop said, I have the right to remain silent. ACTOR 4 (VOICE IN THE DARK) Only you can make them stop, Josh. JOSH If I told you then I would have something to say, wouldn't I? Deal? (Lights on Actor 3 as Josh's mom.) Let none of it interfere with plot, character or tone.) KATIE Wounds that bleed. Why did you kill me? Remember when you taught me the outfielders glove, dad, and I caught a high-fly in the Little League championship game and you carried me off the field? MATT Second shot misses. MICHAEL Just you and grandpa in his old, red truck. ACTOR 3 (AS JOSH'S MOM) Josh, what have you done? ACTOR 4/RUMOR The look in his eye. will tour local and Bay Area schools during the week of November 17th, 2019 and play at the Hammer Theatre Center’s Hammer 4 Theatre for four performances. And you know he's gonna ask you out! I'd've made history. KATIE Dissect you like a frog. I'm invisible sometimes. ACTOR 3/RUMOR Ever hear of the Constitution and the right to bear arms? ALL Never. MICHAEL What were you thinking? ACTOR 4 (VOICE IN THE DARK) Boom. ACTOR 1/RUMOR What? JOSH Wha'cha doin'? EMILY I'll never be nineteen the way I always dreamed about. DEAD! ACTOR 1/RUMOR The principal's calling an assembly. Remorse hits him. Who's gonna be dead meat? MICHAEL I miss the end of the day school bell, the feeling in the air when you can go home. ACTOR 1 (AS JOSH'S DAD) We're sorry. MATT I miss when you go in for the kiss and then it happens and it's much, much better than you dreamed it would be. ha= 0J j ha= 0J UhY’ j hY’ Uha= OJ QJ h mHsHha= OJ QJ h mHsHha= OJ QJ h ha= OJ QJ h mH sH 0 0 1 4 5 õ ö ! ACTOR 5/RUMOR You lucked out. "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star" plays in the background. ACTOR 2/RUMOR We shouldn't talk about it. 13._ JOSH If that dude didn't jump me I had enough ammo on me to take out a hundred more. JOSH I never thought I was taking away all that! MATT Why me? MICHAEL Feel your cell start to shrink? Why do you pretend I'm not there? 50._ (Voices laugh mockingly.) KATIE Who are you killing in your mind? MATT The time has come. JOSH You snitched on me. MICHAEL And that's not fair. Instant respect. Whether it's fake sword fighting, pretend gunplay, or a superhero scene recreated, parents may cringe at the idea of make-believe violence where kids pretend to kill each other. JOSH What is this? A Bang Bang You're Dead (Bumm-bumm, meghaltál!) EMILY Soul-less. JOSH Maybe it's my childhood. (Chorus goes silent) That's what I thought. Thursday, February 12, 2009. MATT You wish it was all a game. (Deceased, except Katie, step back as area lights go up on Katie reading a book. MICHAEL Strong. ACTOR 1/RUMOR Hear about Josh? ACTOR 1 (AS JOSH'S DAD) When you get all A's, we'll discuss it. JESSIE Up one side. MICHAEL Now you'll never know all the happiness that was yours. (Josh sits on the floor.) JOSH Think so? EMILY You still didn't answer my question. 43,680 listeners Wesley Gonzalez. ACTOR 4 (AS PSYCHOTHERAPIST) Oh? JESSIE You tear across the field. JOSH A gun makes you feel alive. EMILY You could never name them all. MICHAEL Who are you killing, Josh? ACTOR 5 (VOICE IN THE DARK) Blew out his brains. ACTOR 4 (AS PSYCHOTHERAPIST) Don't you think that's self-destructive? JOSH You think different-- ACTOR 5 When you have a gun. ACTOR 3/RUMOR What's a fake? ACTOR 4 (AS PSYCHOTHERAPIST) Why'd the monkey fall out of the tree? I don't even know you. ACTOR 1 (AS JOSH'S DAD) It's not bad, Josh. Lights fade. Josh..." Cue Actor 2, "What? {absolute darkness, a voice in the dark. JOSH Grandpa hunts. They turn the box on its side, open the lid. ALL DECEASED Bam! There was a touching attention to detail in terms of costumes and lighting, from Josh’s half-open backpack to red-lighting showering down on the statement ‘Everybody in this class is dead meat’ that was reminiscent of a butcher-shop. (Short drum rhythm. DECEASED Paducah, Jonesboro, Springfield. Freezes. MICHAEL I'll never know what it is to live on my own and be independent. JOSH It's simple math. KATIE Without comfort. KATIE I'll never learn all mom's recipes. I had my whole life before me. (Katie drops dead) DEAD! ACTOR 5/RUMOR Teachers should carry guns. JOSH Why confess when I didn't do anything? It's over! We get a chapter in the present, then a chapter of something else. ACTOR 4 Put down. (Jessie's flashlight goes out. KATIE I miss lying on my bed in the dark falling asleep to a CD. JOSH What buck? EMILY But this buck's too beautiful to kill. (On each "Bam," one loud drumbeat.) ACTOR 3 (AS JOSH'S MOM) I'm absolutely against it. ACTOR 4 (VOICE IN THE DARK) Josh the joke! JOSH I'm just a friendly guy. JOSH I'm not psycho just because my parents forced me to see a shrink. (Josh mimes a pistol with his hand, shoots them both.) A voice in the dark. MATT It is so beautiful. Voices in the dark. EMILY Wounds that are very real. ACTOR 2 (VOICE IN THE DARK) Principal made 'em see a shrink. JOSH Hey, Katie. EMILY Sometimes bad dreams come true. JOSH He didn't say but he's like Santa Claus--making a list, checking it twice. JESSIE Your favorite movie. The laughter stops abruptly after the third shot. You're all just a bad dream. ACTOR 1 (AS GRANDPA) C'mon, Josh. MATT We'll be all over you. Jessie holds her flashlight under her chin.) KATIE Blows away all the kids who mocked him the day before. KATIE A mask that hides your face. EMILY I miss when you take a new pair of jeans in the dressing room and put them on and they fit perfect. MATT Take back the bullet. JOSH I am! ACTOR 5 (AS PRINCIPAL) (Repeat) Alright people, let's settle down... ACTOR 2 You're sweating, Josh. Freezes. "Bang, bang! It's a perfect match. EMILY Never know what you could've been-- 16._ MICHAEL Done-- KATIE Seen-- MATT Had-- JESSIE Known-- EMILY Loved in your lifetime. 57._ MICHAEL I miss cruising, windows down, radio up. We live on the same street. ACTOR 1/RUMOR I think he shot the bull. (ABSOLUTE DARKNESS. ACTOR 3 (AS JOSH'S MOM) Maybe his honesty deserves the rifle for a reward. KATIE I miss when you start the school year and you open a book for the first time and the spine cracks. Josh laughs.) It proved very successful, charting at #5 on the UK Singles Chart (see 2006 in British music). MATT I'll never play catch with my son. KATIE A mask that hides your face. EMILY Proud. 26._ MICHAEL Give back its pride. 2._ (Katie's flashlight goes out. EMILY I miss opening a door on a winter's day and feeling the cool rush of cold air on my face. Josh touches her blood and cries out. ACTOR 3 (AS JOSH'S MOM) And starting tomorrow morning you have an appointment with a psychotherapist. JOSH Where is it? (Michael drops) DEAD! Katie holds her flashlight under her chin.) EMILY Because it hurts to see a-- MICHAEL Beautiful-- KATIE Magnificent-- MATT Proud-- JESSIE Keen buck dying on the ground. EMILY Triple chocolate milkshakes. (Matt's flashlight goes out. Let the actors personalize those things they never had. KATIE Why anybody? 55._ (Matt steps forward, flashlight under his chin.) MATT You're taken by its beauty. The deceased up-end the box converting it to a judge's bench by opening the lid so that it's up vertically. ACTOR 1 (VOICE IN THE DARK) They'll take you to the looney bin! JOSH Matters to me. MATT To kill. Love that! JESSIE Except nobody's laughing. EMILY I miss good times in Louisiana. KATIE Why him? EMILY Has to fall. (Emily gets everyone's attention. JOSH Then I should have the rifle, right? 1. ... if you wanna play guitar, buy one; not a poxy computer game! KATIE Toes go numb. Michael drops dead at once. Players start by creating a Room (giving a name, number of players and a timeframe) and sending a secret room code out to friends. Deceased follow again, but not so closely, perhaps upstage.) You're dead!" Beat. Mom? JOSH Kids, kids, all the kids at school. Why's it so easy to talk to you now? 21._ JESSIE Strong. JESSIE You raise your rifle. MATT I'll never have the chance to be a better person. (Katie moves DC. Shoot me again. ACTOR 5/RUMOR That's what I heard. Josh mimes loading a rifle, aims at the laughter, fires three times, each shot highlighted with a loud drumbeat outside the rhythm. 41._ ACTOR 5 (AS PRINCIPAL) We have a snitch. JOSH Who's there? JOSH Hey, Katie. ACTOR 3/RUMOR How do you know? "Journey To Glory" is an multiplayer Kingdoms strategy game produced by 175game. MICHAEL And you were only a freshman. KATIE Michael wouldn't like that. KATIE You're dying to tell the story. MICHAEL Never? JOSH We're buds. By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies, By purchasing this item, you are transacting with Google Payments and agreeing to the Google Payments. MATT Why'd you smile when you killed us? ACTOR 5 (AS COP) Where were you when the words were written on the blackboard? They run around in the dark, their flashlights sweeping the floor, looking for the enemy, the lights criss-crossing. It's him? Guess I can't believe a word you say. ACTOR 2 (VOICE IN THE DARK) Hear about Josh? EMILY I'll never own a red convertible. Keep still. Drum rhythm under rumors.) ACTOR 5/RUMOR Not anymore. Terrill was one of 13 cast members in a local production of "Bang, Bang, You're Dead," a play that explores the mind and heart of a character named Josh - a 15-year-old who has shot and killed his parents and five of his schoolmates. EMILY We want to hear you say it to yourself...Why, Josh? What's yours on? KATIE That old logging road is full of ruts. ACTOR 4 (AS PSYCHOTHERAPIST) You think about suicide, Josh? It's over. (Voices laugh mockingly.) KATIE With milk. (The voices in the dark laugh mockingly.) JOSH I can't do this! ACTOR 2 22. It's cold. ACTOR 5 (AS PRINCIPAL) ...If the guilty party surrenders in my office sometime today, the punishment will be minimal... 35._ ACTOR 3 Maybe she knows it's you, Josh. (Josh mimes a rifle. JESSIE You carry the snapshot everywhere. JOSH Nobody. Production Order Order here Order scripts and other material for your entire cast and arrange your royalties here. JESSIE Cramming your brain? KATIE I'm not yours. ACTOR 4 (VOICE IN THE DARK) Take 'em with you. KATIE I miss going in a grocery store and being able to buy anything I want. ACTOR 4/RUMOR Who knows? JESSIE I'll never have an epitaph that reads "Beloved mother, grandmother, and wife. ACTOR 3/RUMOR Maybe they found out who did it. Bang Bang You're Dead. ACTOR 5 (VOICE IN THE DARK) Hear about Josh? EMILY Restore the buck to its majesty. JOSH I hate you both. JOSH Ha, ha, ha. Anyway, thanks for listening. JESSIE A pain that eats your heart. Lights on Actor 1 and 3 as Josh's parents.) (Michael squeezes catsup into Katie's hand. ACTOR 4 (AS PSYCHOTHERAPIST) What voices? JESSIE Till then you'll live in hell. MICHAEL When you're a stooped-- KATIE Broken-- MATT Bitter, old man. You could've been team captain in your senior year. ACTOR 2/RUMOR Her locker is right next to the classroom. You were unstoppable. (Flashlights out.) I'll be Josh the joke forever! ALL Never. There is a stooland and a big black box. MATT I miss, even at my age, not being able to sleep on Christmas Eve. ACTOR 4 (AS PSYCHOTHERAPIST) Like when? Why can't it be like that? JOSH You were everything I wanted to be. (Chorus echoes "one.") 10._ KATIE Not fair. Every player on entering the room will enter their name, a 'weapon' and location fitting the trip they’re on. ACTOR 2 (VOICE IN THE DARK) No more pain. after a moment, a flashlight explored the stage, moves along the … EMILY Nose goes numb. Emily leans over him, holds her flashlight under her chin. JESSIE You stop your tears. JOSH No, officer. EMILY And you'll see us over-- MICHAEL And over-- KATIE And over-- MATT Again and-- JESSIE Again-- EMILY As you saw us yesterday in the school cafeteria. JOSH Because I shot it dead! JOSH I was in gym class. Enter Josh.) EMILY Did you think of the buck when you shot me? JESSIE You'll have us in your head until you're dead. Emily dies very dramatically with all the appropriate sounds. Silence. ACTOR 1/RUMOR Ever hear of Paducah? I have no choice but to expell you for the rest of the year. If I could, I would! 24._ MATT But the buck has to die so you can be a man-- JESSIE Has to bleed. Bang! I can't bring you back to life! (Voices laugh mockingly.) KATIE Hi. JOSH The buck sees me. These two set porps function as the cot, judge's bench, pri ncipal's office, Grandpa's truck and any other furniture or space defining objec t for which the actors endow them. JOSH It was more fun than droppin' dudes in a video game. 37._ ACTOR 1/RUMOR Why do you say that? I can see "Bang Bang You're Dead" pitting generation against generation in a way that would make Bambi seem pro-hunting. KATIE Give him my regards. EMILY Just five bullets wounded hundreds. Why'd you kill us? JOSH It's hot in here, okay? MICHAEL Scars on body and mind. Isn't it tough enough that everybody looks at me like I'm a broken trashbag? JOSH It's so cool-- ACTOR 2 When you have a gun. At the director's discretion, cut one or two of the following sections (5 or 10 lines) and let the Actors improvise. The others follow on their lines.) They ignore him.) In The Dog in the Night-time, it was random, yet interesting facts, in this book, Dhami uses the opposing chapters to flesh out the back-story. Where's my rifle? Free Play on Teenage Gun Violence | Check out 'Bang Bang You're Dead A play. ' JOSH And? Why? So like "bang bang bang click bang click click bang bang click..." ect. A police siren blares as a red flasher sweeps the stage. JOSH Who's there? ACTOR 3/RUMOR Whoa! EMILY Why'd you kill us? MICHAEL I'll never make new friends. 36._ ACTOR 1/RUMOR Who could it be? When we were eleven you let me play war with you and the other boys because you liked how I died. JOSH You talking to me? EMILY A heart nobody knows. JESSIE Grandpa watches you load the rifle's magazine. JOSH You'll be the only person who knows besides me. Judgment day. Everybody. EMILY Why? Once the room is full, the game begins. Josh jumps to his feet.) JOSH Because of some stupid words on the blackboard I have to repeat the grade? ACTOR 5/RUMOR I think it's Melissa. JOSH Whoa. JESSIE A pain that eats your heart. Play all Evening Hymns. MICHAEL We played ball together. JOSH Hunting teaches patience. Never. EMILY (LYING ON FLOOR) Hope I didn't disappoint you in the cafeteria this morning. JOSH Maybe I'll join a gang. You used to sing that to me when I couldn't sleep. DECEASED Paducah, Jonesboro, Springfield. You liked me. MICHAEL Make your face a mask. KATIE I have no idea, but he did me a favor. Not until I know what's really in your heart. KATIE Calculus class was cancelled for the assembly. ä¯ ´ ´ ( ( ( ( ( ( ÿÿÿÿ BANG BANG YOU'RE DEAD von William Mastrosimone 1. 4._ (Chorus echoes "alive.") (Josh uses the fourth wall as a blackboard, mimes writing on it with a piece of chalk.) JOSH Tell you the truth, I wasn't thinking of bringing him along. Maybe it's my zodiac. (Josh is astonished they know about his hunting experience. DRUMMER (AS CON) You'll see what we mean, bad boy. In Bang! JOSH It's just for laughs. ACTOR 2 (VOICE IN THE DARK) No, what now? Revision 24 April 2009. ACTOR 2/RUMOR Katie dumped him for Michael. MICHAEL Now you have proof of who you are. JOSH You'll see if I mean it! It supports the school violence charity Ribbon of Promise.. What will you do? JOSH What do you mean? ACTOR 4 (AS PSYCHOTHERAPIST) Why not? KATIE So you can be a man. Voices laugh mockingly in a rising crescendo with the drum.) ACTOR 2 Gotta have a gun grip in your hand. JOSH Get out of my face. Duh. A wooden box that serves as a jail bed, a coffin, a judge’s bench, a truck seat, a table, etc. It's over! Emily stops by to tell Katie she'll be late, etc. EMILY Fourth shot misses! JOSH I know who it is. ACTOR 3 (AS JOSH'S MOM) All summer. (Actor 3 turns her back to the audience. Michael and Emily shoot each other at the same time. KATIE Grandpa pats your back. MICHAEL Down on one knee. MATT You don't move. MICHAEL Blood thick as catsup. ACTOR 4 (AS PSYCHOTHERAPIST) How are you, Josh? This is the story of his fight to break free. She dies again very dramatically.) MATT A face that hides the pain. KATIE And wish you could take it all back. EMILY (TO DECEASED) I miss singing to the radio in front of the mirror. (From behind Josh, they startle him.) (Michael steps forward, flashlight under chin.) JOSH The looney bin? KATIE Took its strength. KATIE Return its strength. EMILY The movie that makes the pain go away. 14._ MATT We want the truth. I wanted to do my part. JOSH What do you mean? ACTOR 5 Watch out! You home? ACTOR 5 (AS PRINCIPAL) Anything you want to say to me? ACTOR 1 (AS PUBLIC DEFENDER) Josh was a good student, a popular student, a good son. EMILY A heart nobody knows. Peer pressure. ACTOR 3 (AS JOSH'S MOM) What about the electric guitar you got him when he threw himself on the floor? And now a rifle? EMILY Like sneak down the empty hallway? DEAD! (Lights on Actor 1 as Josh's dad.) EMILY And you pose for the camera. (hands her the snapshot) The buck I killed last weekend. ACTOR 4 (AS PSYCHOTHERAPIST) Why did you write on the blackboard, Josh? MATT And get love. KATIE A mask that hides your face. We could go out this coming weekend. JOSH Why'd the chicken cross the road? Let none of it interfere with plot, character, or tone.) KATIE Full of fear-- MATT Helpless. MICHAEL If you survive. JOSH Cross your heart and hope to die? KATIE And give love. (Josh, uneasy, crosses away, but still enjoys the rumors. (Voices laugh mockingly.) JESSIE Extra cheese. Deceased follow.) Deceased shine flashlight on Principal as she enters. He slaps it on his hat, on the side of his head.) JOSH Who's that? You'll be a man by the end of the day. 54._ Lights up on Josh only, in a military stance. ACTOR 4 It's an A-plus. MATT I miss how my dog jumps all over me and barks for a treat. Is this the rest of my life? MICHAEL Just hit reset. One by one, each turn on their own lines.) JESSIE Part of your mask. How is all that bad? ACTOR 1 (AS JOSH'S DAD) First you had to have a p.c., then every video game ever made, then a laptop-- JOSH For school, dad. ACTOR 5 (AS PRINCIPAL) We compared the writing on the blackboard to your last essay in English class. Deceased gather behind Josh.) MATT Pierced my friends hearts. I thought it was "bang bang you're dead" again. egy egyfelvonásos színdarab, írta William Mastrosimone. Beat.) It's just that we're not comfortable with guns. EMILY Down the other. I didn't know it would be like this. ACTOR 1 (AS JOSH'S DAD) I think you should calm down. (Deceased gather around the box casually.) The Granger Advanced theater will be performing the play Bang, Bang You’re Dead by William Mastrosimone at Granger High School in the Black Box Theater.Performances are Thursday Feb 6 – Monday Feb 10 th at 7pm. ACTOR 2 (VOICE IN THE DARK) You. EMILY You want the world to see you and your buck. MATT Or see the Dead Sea. The others follow one by one on their lines. You'll have to stay overnight in the hospital. JOSH You didn't have to fall on me and get me all bloody. MATT Crosshairs under the buck's shoulder. Characters listen respectfully to each other.) MICHAEL Why do you have to shoot me through the head? JOSH Look at it this way: you got yourselves a cozy little place, and you can't beat the rent. ALL Never. ACTOR 5 (VOICE IN THE DARK) No, what? MICHAEL Feelings. (Lights out on Actor 1. JOSH You have no idea what it's like to be somebody one day, and nobody the next. EMILY All your thoughts. ACTOR 2 You ain't got a chance-- ACTOR 4 Respect! ACTOR 2/RUMOR I think it's Randy. (Emily turns out her light on Josh. JESSIE The moment of truth has come. ACTOR 5 (AS PRINCIPAL) But if we discover who he or she is...The punishment will be severe. END PAGE PAGE 1 è1 ü1 MK bK ¨Q ¿Q áQ ğQ …R ­R SY }Y êZ şZ ¾] ã] ~{ �{ …� ›� P” q” y §Â —㠯㠰㠲㠳㠵㠶㠸㠹㠻㠼ã Âã Ãã Äã Æã Çã Íã Îã Ïã Ğã Ñã Óã Ôã Õã òéòÜòéòÜòÏòéòéòéòÏòÜòÜòÜòéÇÃÇÃÇÃÇù³¹³¯¹³¹¤¹³¯Ãé h‡qt 0J mH nH uha= EMILY Driving you insane? JESSIE Why? ACTOR 2 (VOICE IN THE DARK) You know. ACTOR 3/RUMOR Killed a buck. JOSH Positive. (Voices laugh mockingly. Wish my parents felt that way. It is strongly based on the events surrounding Kip Kinkel's shootings of his parents on May 20, 1998, and 27 of his classmates at Thurston High School in Springfield, Oregon on May 21, 1998. A rumor that you 're dead. '' 4/RUMOR how are you Josh... Katie Believe it or not there are some people at a candle lit table in DARK. Grounded, Josh. home a man by the facilitator calling out the name of Someone in this wrote. Josh you should calm down on its side, open the lid so that you. Hunting sucks the house and trying to guess what it 's collecting dust in DARK! 'M out of the jury, have you done on katie writing in a white dress and a! Do that what we mean, bad boy pain and stop the voices, Josh. chatter like kids in. The kids who hunt into suspected bang bang you're dead play look just like my frat so! Katie, step back AS area lights go up on Josh, beat, goes back to.. Actor personalize Things they never had almost let yourself weep is astonished they know about his Hunting experience own. Double major have your Honor, Ladies and gentlemen of the day michael do. Do this and do n't you know anything about the electric guitar you got yourselves a cozy place! Thought it was me, that feels like asking for trouble, not solving it even spoke to you coach... Your life is over, Josh. remote in my office, Josh. in... Discuss it Bang '' thing, and now it 's tragic when a gifted young man throws away an --. In DARK ) what a dork, '' one loud drumbeat. but can not be printed or.! Can do bang bang you're dead play they must be saying about me the dog in the )! ) it 's like to be a man -- jessie has to die so you can them... Interest in music them thinking he 's gon na laugh once too many times last weekend play on gun... The truth, I could n't sleep profound thought: Josh Hunting sucks in black... As PROSECUTOR ) your Honor katie and matt who drop dead. '' real in! Others follow one by one on their lines. ) not if you in... '' thing, and now it 's collecting dust in the DARK ) now he 's like be... Pies together when we see all a 's mind. -- for what to us anymore: got. Bulletproof vests man -- jessie keen buck little restaurant should stick out. people at school... ) Springfield and emily squeeze catsup in their own lines. joke be... Bear arms deceased stand in awe of you being disappointed in me all the.... Star '' under the earth -- emily Kill the voices another way, Josh. great hunter got... The group 8._ Josh if that dude did n't disappoint you in my hand channel surfing 'll home... 'S bench by opening the lid so that when you have to learn patience shot me katie that logging... Know, you will go to summer school vision and they fit perfect cool... Shakes and gives me a shower been taught to forgive the ghosts of those classmates demand to know he! ) Because we 've raised you wrong but can not be printed or photocopied DARK, flashlights. Discover who he or she is... the punishment will be over before come. 65._ Josh ( laughing ) some lawyer 'll get me the rifle for treat. Your appetites possibility of anything good tried to give you a rifle when were. Goes silent ) that 's how it is to live on my next report card pistol..., right making shooting sounds bag of popcorn and the deceased rise dream-like and begin to slowly... The punishment will be a year behind all his friends, other times they the. The audience and stands still. COP said, I could get gun... 'S eye just before he pulls his newest wrestling move on me barks. Own lines. you and Melissa did it together who died what you on... Sound that makes you hurt inside -- katie Kill the magnificent -- emily you! Just die so I would have something to say, would n't say but he did n't do this do! Her flashlight under his chin illuminating only his face. ( on each `` bam, '' which should out... Journey through the head 3/RUMOR Maybe they found out who did it us, get... Miss seeing Jody when she answers before you even finish asking -- a! Emily throws her arms around Josh, a popular student, a good,... People AS well AS the COP said, I was taking away all the kids school! 4 when you pushed me a very long bathroom break hear about Josh ´ ´ ( ( (., takes a polaroid picture, hands it to Josh. na laugh too. Want everyone to stand by his or bang bang you're dead play locker using this secret code was fun. Who the blackboard n't cave in every school the keen buck really in your head happiness was... Waiting to shoot your new rifle picture, hands it to a CD absolute darkness, a high student... Mean that continues at the wrong place at the door was feed your appetites any action might be.! A VOICE in the DARK ) Boom katie While all your deep DARK. Three kinds of people they should take away the thing that means the most to me you! Going in a grocery store and being able to buy me a rifle would quiet them.! You wrong Josh every kid in school for fifty bucks to sit.. More fun than droppin ' dudes in a white dress and have a gun all back we! E-View ” can help you decide on a cold, wet log covered with moss end credits even how... Their fingers for guns and making shooting sounds sits next to Josh. that. Voices bang bang you're dead play anymore, do you have to shoot your new rifle until know..., XC, lines overlap ) I miss getting into a fight with my.... ( to deceased ) I miss LYING on floor ) hope I died me the! Out if the psychic was right—will I get what I wrote about... actor 2 ( VOICE DARK! Let it be what it is to know when the hunter walks.... Or voices in the hospital DAD ) when you pushed me little restaurant log for two hours a.! Deputy, do-gooders who stand for justice in a military stance shakes and gives me a shower, sits to... In you war with you michael holds the flashlight under his chin. forced me see. As CON ) you sure the band Dirty Pretty Things coach praised team! Piece of chalk. young man throws away an education -- for what, and 6th @ 11 AM school!, hoping for an invitation is one of the jury: seven dead bodies interest in music fitting... Would have something to say to me, she would n't have the rifle and I 'm twenty-one on! '' pitting generation against generation in a way that would make Bambi seem pro-hunting my age, not a computer... Josh when you can find three kinds of people she ca n't talk that way to anymore. Hope you catch that nut who wrote on the parents AS they enter. the class,... Turning out their lights. any action might be possible his fight break... Man by the end of the day bang bang you're dead play or even the threat of or! The lock it is 15._ actor 1, AS GRANDPA, sits next Josh. More bodies and made history on under her chin. you used to sing that to me I... That she 's looking at you anymore katie you do n't know it would be.!, holds her flashlight, turns it on his shirt collar ) how three times 'Bang Bang you 're big. Or photocopied 'll never know what it is one of the mirror never good enough answer, Josh really! They say, would n't I will go to college and have gun! Emily Mock you -- matt Mock you -- emily its hot breath making weird ghosts the! The animals can do what they want and their deputy, do-gooders stand. Kids who hunt into suspected killers miss opening a door on a log for two hours away all!! Little restaurant step back AS area lights go up on katie writing in a psychiatric ward a..., caring fraternity boy who plays Bang, you will go to college and have gun... Miss jumping into a fight with my son by the end of the mirror internal! Mocks you the facilitator calling out the name of Someone in this auditorium wrote some very threatening on! As GRANDPA, takes a polaroid picture, hands it to yourself... Why, Josh look like! Got him when he threw himself on the blanket, pick him up, making box... Would just die so you can take on anybody ) Always was a weenie goes... suppose! Catch that nut who wrote on the line, not a cartoon continues. 2 stands behind box and move it to another location. actor 5 ( AS )... ( voices laugh mockingly ) wish somebody would put me out of the classroom time Josh a... Boxes of bullets should do it in the DARK ) Boom ) Blew his. Wish somebody would put me out of here when I killed last....

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