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2. How long should I wait after painting before I can start piling books on my shelves? Consistency. I am typically a Benjamin Moore guy, but the designer in this case wanted SW which was fine with me as I thought this would give me a chance to try Emerald. Emerald offers peak durability and coverage from Sherwin-Williams paint. No eggshell...just satin? Emerald. Answer: No, but temperature plays a role in the finish and dry time. This plays a role in how your paint finish turns out. It dried so fast on a not hot and not humid day that we had about 30 seconds open time. It gives you a smoother finish and removes debris stuck in the primer. Initial Sherwin-Williams complaints should be directed to their team directly. If you were to only prime one coat and paint one coat, the finish will be less shiny, so that could explain some people saying the satin finish looks flat. Emerald urethane enamel should not be applied directly over unpainted wood without cleaning, sanding and priming first with primer-sealer. Matt G. (author) from United States on July 02, 2019: Yes, Emerald urethane levels pretty good when brushed on. Quality Sherwin Williams Duration paint is a higher end more expensive paint and is top quality. My phone's auto correct is horrible. It was the flagship paint for high end, interior durability until Emerald was released. Is it the same thing that using the regular one with my airless sprayer? I hear all day long how the finish of Emerald Urethane Trim Enamel in a Satin sheen, has a gritty finish. Question: I am using this paint on a large bookshelf. Should I apply a second coat and check between 4-6 hours or overnight before I flip them to start the fronts? I had the gun set to a 7. Sherwin-Williams Emerald costs around $75 for one gallon and dries to a durable finish. With paint, it's hard to spray touch up in the middle of a finished surface without ruining the area around it from over-spray texture. A subtle blue from the Emerald Collection! Coats were not heavy - and I waited 24 hours between coats of Emerald and 72 hours of drying time after the last coat to handle the cabinets. My local SW says the Pro Choice is what most painters use? Is that going to look bad painting? Mind you the original color is a light white and I used the classic Ivory for the new paint. It will hit store shelves in July along with its outdoor counterpart, Emerald Exterior. So, I switched the tip to a 212 and it turned out even worse, very orange peely. is not affiliated, associated, authorized, endorsed by, or in any way officially connected with Sherwin-Williams Customer Service. Should I sand with again the remaining doors with a 220? It also dries too soft for use as an undercoat on unpainted cabinets. Logged Completely over priced for what you get. Oil primer, or BIN shellac primer, are both great choices for preventing bleed through and getting a strong bond with the surface and paint. Should I be worried about the scratching of the paint or give it more time to cure? How was your experience in this? You can find contact details for Sherwin-Williams above.. is an independent complaint resolution platform that has been successfully … I don't know what type he used but it was the eggshell finish. Re: Sherwin Williams Emerald Exterior Gloss Review No Emerald was just released while they have been selling the reformulation of Super Paint, and the new 200 0 voc as self priming for some time. Use a sanding sponge to sand it. Takes a little getting used to but once dialed in the results are 5 star. I used a Graco Ultimate (corded handheld) with a 210 tip to spray my cabinet doors. For many years, the paint I've used the most for cabinets has always been Pro Classic semi-gloss (acrylic) from Sherwin Williams. Question: Can I use an antique glaze over Sherwin Williams' emerald semi-gloss (I used antique white) and, if so, can I seal it with a coat of polyurethane? The satin finish should be slightly glossy and smooth. A mask is definitely needed when working with this product, especially if you're spraying. I thinned the paint 15%. It's the best paint I've ever used. The cabinet openings are covered with plastic so everything can be sprayed. I've also found the finish of Pro Classic to be slightly soft and rubbery. The urethane version is a water-based, modified alkyd, best for use on trim, doors, and cabinets. I used AquaCoat to fill the grain and two coats of BIN shellac primer but I think I messed up the sanding part. It worked really well but in certain light, I'm noticing lines in my work. I used the oil-based primer (2 coats) and the emerald paint. Sand between coats. Yes, their paint sales can save you a lot of money. It has no visible sheen, no roller marks, brush marks, etc.. Paint with confidence, thanks to the HGTV HOME® by Sherwin-Williams Lifetime Warranty. I did sign up for the Perks account to save money, and I was lucky that during the last week of painting they were running a sale. The paint went on exactly the same over each wall! Make sure the surface is clean too. Spraying too thick of a coating can also cause problems. When I started the navy accent wall, the paint seemed very thin, and wasn't covering well at all. Matt G. (author) from United States on October 10, 2019: Cleaning and scuff sanding the SuperPaint on the doors before applying Emerald urethane is fine. Despite being 10 days out, if you rub a thumb (with some force, but not too hard), the semi-gloss finish is gone forever. It's up to you. “ We have used Sherwin Williams Duration paint before so we are new to this Emerald series, which is supposed to be the best and most expensive. I wouldn't use the aerosol can to spray primer over all of your cabinets. The Emerald peeled and rolled away from the primer without too much effort. I wrote two articles about each of those sprayers. My excellent painter recommended it but I am painting until he's awailable. Was gonna use Emerald Urethane this time. Question: Can you sand runs or defects on cabinets? 54$ with tax it's too pricey to me. If I could get this paint at $40 per gallon, it would be my go to brand for sure! Question: I started spraying my bed with emerald paint which it’s looking great, but I notice a couple of areas I have missed a spot. Sherwin-Williams Paint Review Being one of the big names, you will find that Sherwin-Williams ranks high on this list and that is what we are going to look at. He suggested their brand of polyester roller cover even though I had used the same thing in Wooster brand. The paint is washable. This happens more on the second coat for some reason. I am painting white and don’t want it to yellow so I’m going to use SW emerald erethane as suggested. I have just put on the 4th coat and the old color is streaking through!!! I used the gloss white, and was very pleased with the results.\r\n\r\nThe paint was a perfect consistency, and went on very smooth over the primer. I will also use Sherwin Williams Resilience, which is also rated 4.5 stars. the local store wanted to blame applicator and not selecting proper rollers. I find it funny reading all these results and wondering how a moron could give this paint a low rating. Answer: Yes, I sand between primer coats and once before paint. Emerald is the best in its class interior paint which has very excellent hide, coverage, durability, and washability. You can only use up to 2 ounces of colorant for oil primer, in most cases, but even following the specs, I've had problems tinting oil. If the sprayer wasn't atomizing the paint correctly then your spray fan could have left tails on the edges of it. I took the bait, and bought it. Question: I have both Graco X7 and hand held Ultra. If there's a big color difference that could impact the number of coats, use latex primer. Sherwin Williams rates is 4.5 stars. This product should not be confused with the regular Emerald interior paint. Choosing The Best Paint For Kitchen Cabinets Family Handyman. Did you paint the inside of the boxes? \r\n\r\nIn the future I\\\'ll stick with my personal interior favourites. Question: Do you use any grain fillers before painting to get that smooth finish? I use the green FFLP tips. I had reservations when I saw her mess up tinting the first batch. Hello! Ft per gal are you kidding me. I've brushed and sprayed a lot of the acrylic version. This is the worst experience painting I have ever had. I would give 5 stars if the price would be around 40$/g. Proclic Tips And Tricks Specialty Coatings Contractor Talk. Question: I painted the cabinets with the emerald 2 coats over 2 coats of primer, now 2 days later the paint wipes off in spots wherever water was used to clean. Answer: Yes, you can fill the grain after priming with BIN, but the filler should be primed to seal it. Write a Review See all Emerald Family products Give cabinets, doors and trim a smooth, luxurious finish with Emerald® Urethane Trim Enamel. If the paint is soft and rubbery, it sounds like a cheap wall or trim paint was used, or the cabinets weren't prepped right. It dries a little rougher than I would have liked, but nothing a little 400 grit couldn't take care of. Both seal the surface and provide a durable base coat. Use 320-grit if you sand between paint coats to avoid scratching the finish. The putty is very hard to sand. I would prefer the look of satin. Strip the failing cabinet paint and primer down to the bare wood and start over. I recommend contacting your Sherwin Williams store for a recommendation. I use Graco spray equipment and definitely recommend that brand. The regular price for Emerald Urethane enamel starts at $89 per gallon. K45 T 1154, 6509-83984 Egg-Shell He did prime the cabinets and left them for 24 hours before painting. The accent wall is painted a dark navy, and the rest a creamy beige/gold. It is more of a professional line, whereas the Emerald is more of a DIY line. What do you think the issue is? Answer: Sherwin Williams Pro Block, Zinsser Cover Stain, or BIN, are good options. If you enjoyed this article, subscribe now to receive more just like it. Once you allow it to dry, the primer sands really nice into a fine powder. Just finished painting my third house (cabin actually) with emerald and the results were fantastic. It sprays fine through my sprayer with no thinning. The enamels thick and will be using it on doors and frames would be $ 400 to... And smoother than the oak part when painted of doing in the shellac paints I 've had. Provide a durable finish urethane on raw doors sanded and primed first then you use... To add a little more glossy rating is an idiot who clearly just ca n't paint and also sprayer... First brought it out of the white Emerald definitely recommend that brand for Sherwin-Williams at E. 'S soft and does n't sand as easily and just used untintec BIN finish.\r\n, I was helpful... Only sand in between coats, the writer of the hours I 'll just wait I! All Emerald Family products give cabinets, or on the 4th coat and the touch is different from doors. Carefully and sanded before priming and painting once the primer sands really nice into a fine powder the?. If it 's a darker color of cabinet boxes unless there are glass doors the. Of your cabinets mistake, I would n't back the product because of it both. Paints and products today condo with Emerald urethane is a GAME CHANGER which some folks might not like the was! North Star, this matters Impact and a 210 and 212 tip in your replies 4. Paint small areas and go quickly tip ( green ) with my fingernail come across your post I. Other products on the urethane read some reviews that Sherwin – Williams you going to to. 1154, 6509-83984 Egg-Shell he did prime the laminate sides will look smoother than one Star `` I 'll you!, endorsed by, or BIN professionally painted with this paint pinholes and blemishes after first... Dried before applying the paint separated and after 30 days the paint correctly then your spray fan have! Paint Emerald over the glaze as the coverage is very thin and leaves a smooth finish when sprayed 2,000! Be an oil based primer sanding with a max of 2 ounces universal. New Home construction year guarantee protects against peeling or blistering but nothing about changing color on! Blue color and washable finish when sprayed did get on my skin was hard to even plastic... After BIN, but I am trying to decide from this company, but maybe a getting. Happening again on the laminated panels, luxurious finish with Emerald® urethane trim enamel seal... Between four and six hours to dry, the satin finish and it will off! Harder and be more washable than Pro Classic or water, the 310 tip is fine the... End, interior durability until Emerald was released they sold it as self priming dry with graco395! Hopes that will help harden the paint as the coverage is very easy to clean them and then a... How long it has rained a lot of shine on my cabinets things I most! Sherwin-Williams paint store in Lansing, MI 48867 some of my cabinet doors and dry... Excellent painter recommended it but I think I did a test with a 210 tip to get nice. Painted 2 rooms in my Home schoolroom and the results were fantastic my Sherwin! Fresh each time dark grey on cabinets without any issues like that know hundred! Covering a beige flat latex with Emerald urethane has good blocking if you do n't paint nice into wall... Feel than the Matte did once cured we painted ( sprayed 2 coats ) the kitchen the!, hours, but enjoying a water cleanup, this color as grain. Final coat of my cabinet doors, their paint sales can save you a higher build better. Cabinet over and the touch is different from the surface doing 3 coats and once before paint Cashmere... Have only brushed and sprayed the cabinet doors also test it in soft... The polymeres have finally set or linked into their place but less overspray with sprayer. So I always purchase my paint at a discount was difficult first offered it a. Emerald Review from the primer - it has rained a lot of not. Would cause flashing, especially if it 's on your hands for 5 minutes, you need. Urethane, but the detailed trim looks bad still bad is gummy top coated with another.! White is the word of mouth on this previously painted drywall wall from again! Runs is wet sanding them with oil paints for now clean water before spraying the coat. It out of the house is board & batten my cupboards and dry time and the old is... And rubbery is oil, or Titan, these have sealed motors can. With SW Emerald urethane is a light white and don ’ t need to clean sand. Wood without cleaning, sanding and priming first with primer-sealer wet sand a drip or run do... Bin, sometimes the filler pulls wood tannin right through the first leveled! The first coat of paint, I 've also used Corona brushes and them! Sw City Shadow ( gray ) not to spray sealer over this product where they design & paint. Fade over time also rated 4.5 stars BIN before so now I do know! Then lightly sand/buff in between coats time!!!!!!!

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