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The younger generation, in view of the requirements and criticism of a reading public, cultivated the art of composition and rhetorical embellishment. 2. It was a way for that generation to ask, Why is there war? The old families had lost heavily from generation to generation, partly by personal extravagances, but also by gradual alienations of land to the Church and by the enormous expenses of the crusades. Here are many translated example sentences containing "ZWEITEN GENERATION" - german-english translations and search engine for german translations. The superiority of his style over that of Lucilius, who wrote his satires a generation later, is immeasurable. We needed a new generation of management to carry us forward. Times, Sunday Times (2017) You are part of the most privileged generation this country has produced. The place was modernized about a generation ago by Zia Pasha, the poet, when governor, and is now an unusually well built Turkish town with good bazaar and khans and a fine clock-tower. Sentence Examples. 4. ), as it existed a generation or two after the Periodoi appeared. Although the heathen Angles had their own runic alphabet, it is unlikely that any poetry was written down until a generation had grown up trained in the use of the Latin letters learned from Christian missionaries. Jirasek, the author of a vast series of novels and short stories, drawing their material from Bohemian history, unites the past with the present generation. At the period of fertilization the embryo-sac lies in close proximity tube has penetrated, the separating cell-wall becomes absorbed, and the male or sperm-cells are ejected into the embryosac. They were a generation too soon. Like the rest of his generation, he was convinced that unity of religion was indispensable to the maintenance of the authority of the State and of good order. The predominating influence of Bacon's philosophy is thus clearly established in the generation which succeeded his own. And even his many borrowings from the German were assimilated with a rare power of development, which bore fruit not only in a widening of the field of English philosophy but in the larger scientific thought of a later generation. Schools help to acculturate the second, 8. He holds the doctrine that everything endowed with an apparent quality possesses an opposite occult quality in much the same terms as it is found in Latin writers of the middle ages, but he makes no allusion to the theory of the generation of the metals by sulphur and mercury, a theory generally attributed to Geber, who also added arsenic to the list. Examples of 'generation' in a sentence generation. In 1868 the Imperial Lycee of Galata Serai was founded; most of the later generation of officials received their education there. 2. We can use build in functions in Python to generate n-grams quickly. Francis (Lowell Hydraulic Experiments, Boston, Mass., 1855) led him to propose variations in the accepted formulae for the discharge over weirs, and a generation later a very complete investigation of this subject was carried out by H. (2) y The rate of generation of momentum in the interior of S by the component of force, X per unit mass, is fffpXdxdydz, f pXdxdydz, (3) and by the pressure at the surface S is -f. The real reference of these stories, however, was forgotten, and it has been reserved to our own generation to rediscover the records of a power and a civilization which once dominated Asia Minor and north Syria and occupied all the continental roads of communication between the East and the West of the ancient world. This, it is said, was the common method of proof, since the Jewish scriptures were the Word of God to all Christians alike. In the generation of acetylene from calcium carbide and water, all that has to be done is to bring these two compounds into contact, when they mutually react upon each other with the formation of lime and acetylene, while, if there be sufficient water present, the lime combines with it to form calcium hydrate. 3. She lived far into the 17th century, and became a character and something of a laughing-stock to the new generation; but her services to Montaigne's literary memory were, as will be seen, great. Hence another generation had to pass away before Germany found herself on the level, in scientific investigation, of France and England. Instead of designer thongs or flimsy lace things, Ethel wore the plainest … There is at the same time the special doctrine of the Aoyos o'7rep,uartn6s, the seminal Logos, or the law of generation in the world, the principle of the active reason working in dead matter. There wasn't really any insurmountable generation gap as such, well, except when it came to his music. Blessing on the Next Generation. If that were so, no one need be ashamed to profess it; and the younger generation of Frenchmen began to gravitate back to the Church. Example sentences with the word generate. Spamster 305165 There is a generation gap between them. Schools of the Frankfort type take French as their only foreign language in the first three years of the course, and aim at achieving in six years as much as has been achieved by the Gymnasia in nine; and it is maintained that, in six years, they succeed in mastering a larger amount of Latin literature than was attempted a generation ago, even in the best Gymnasia of the old style. These cells aggregated in masses become the bodies of another generation of larvae within the sporocyst. Looking for sentences with "Rengeneration"? Scarcely perceptible variations of the innate class are regularly and invariably present in every new generation of every species of living thing. The older generation doesn't like pop music. There the Congregational Library, founded a generation before, is housed, as well as a publication department. The independent plant which is generally attached to the soil by hair-like structures is the sexual generation, the sporophyte is a stalked or sessile capsule which remains always attached to the gametophyte from which it derives the whole or part of its nourishment. This business will generate 500 new jobs.Back to “3000 Most Common Words in English” Examples of how to use the word 'generation' in a sentence. In the third generation the yellows from the second generation gave the proportion of one pure yellow, two impure yellows, and one green; while the green seed of the second generation threw only green seeds in the third, fourth and fifth generations. Every generation laughs at the old fashions, but follows religiously the new. Blackman, who also succeeded in showing that the nuclei of the sporophyte generation contain twice as many chromosomes as the nuclei of the gametophyte. In the third generation the yellows from the second generation gave the proportion of one pure yellow, two impure yellows, and one green; while the green seed of the second generation threw only green seeds in the third, fourth and fifth generations. Examples of Generate in a sentence. ; What is gained in one generation forms the basis for further gains in the next generation. Generation Z is eager to be involved in their community and their futures. The term " pathogenesis " has reference to the generation and development of disease, and that of " aetiology," in its present bearing, has to do with its causes. The British nation has not risen up in a, 23. She was one of the best tennis players of her, 9. The generation to which your parents belong is … This may serve to show that the ideals of our youth were not without justification; but the younger generation, which does not care about our ideals, and looks to the future rather than the past, will not read annotated editions of old books, however eminent their authors. Except as regards philosophical and religious speculation, his writings show a range of interest and knowledge quite unparalleled in that generation. Source_VOA 28880 Our generation has seen a lot of changes. 2. Indicators used to generate signals. If you are trying to come up with a new concept, a new idea or a new product, a random sentence may help you find unique qualities you may not have considered. generation in a sentence. spontaneous generation in a sentence - Use "spontaneous generation" in a sentence 1. The genital products were derived from the lining of the coelomic cavities, but it would not be safe to say that any particular region was as yet specialized for generation. generation y in a sentence - Use "generation y" in a sentence 1. A third form of selection, which may affect the composition of the next generation without of necessity involving a differential death-rate or a differential fertility, is assortative mating, or the tendency of those members of one sex which exhibit a particular character to mate only with members of the other sex which exhibit the same or some other definite character. Reappearance 11. As regards the latent process (latens processes) which goes on in all cases of generation and continuous development or motion, we examine carefully, and by quantitative measurements, the gradual growth and change from the first elements to the completed thing. On the whole, the progress towards a general understanding on many, if not most, of the questions here mentioned which has been made in the present generation, is a gratifying tribute to those who have long laboured in the cause of efficient enumeration. Generation Z " is revolutionizing the educational system in many aspects. Then citing from Genesis and 2 Chronicles, the first and last books in the order of the Jewish Bible, He declared that all righteous blood from that of Abel to that of Zachariah should be required of that generation. His main discoveries, however, were in the field of physiology: he wrote valuable and suggestive papers on respiration, on the senses of bats, &c., while he made experiments (1768) to disprove the occurrence of spontaneous generation, showing in opposition to J. The essence of his views is contained in the following passage, which he follows up with the conclusion "that one and the same kind of living filaments is and has been the cause of all organic life": "Would it be too bold to imagine that, in the great length of time since the earth began to exist, perhaps millions of ages before the commencement of the history of mankind, - would it be too bold to imagine that all warm-blooded animals have arisen from one living filament, which the great First Cause endued with animality, with the power of acquiring new parts, attended with new propensities, directed by irritations, sensations, volitions and associations, and thus possessing the faculty of continuing to improve by its own inherent activity, and of delivering down these improvements by generation to its posterity, world without end!". Whether such acquired characters can be transmitted to the next generation is a separate question. Synonyms: 1. Oh! Richard Rolle had a great influence on his own and the next generation. A new generation was growing up under new economic and social conditions. Examples of how to use “spontaneous generation” in a sentence from the Cambridge Dictionary Labs In the course of a few months it attains full size and maturity and probably in most cases dies in the course of a year after having given rise to another generation of larvae. Probably the most important application of turbines to the generation of power on a great scale is that at Niagara Falls. Examples of how to use the word 'generate' in a sentence. 8. Some became Roman Catholics, and those who retained their "Abrahamite" views were not able to hand them on to the next generation. Caring for the Next Generation, January 2002. Sentence Examples. His statements concerning Greek and Roman mythology are based respectively on the Protrepticus of Clement of Alexandria, and on Antistius Labeo, who belonged to the preceding generation and attempted to restore Neoplatonism. And since his 19th century biography by Dr Thomas McCrie, or at least since his recognition in the following generation by Thomas Carlyle, the same view has taken its place in literature. This is a necessary consequence of the fusion of two nuclei in fertilization, unless the chromosomes are to be doubled at each generation. Thus among the tribes of south-eastern Australia described by Mr Howitt, 10 the native rites and laws handed down from generation to generation were supposed to have been first imparted by some higher being such as Nurrundere, who made all things on the earth; or Nurelli, who created the whole country, with the rivers, trees and animals; or Daramulun, who (like Nurrundere) bestowed weapons on the men, and instituted the rites and ceremonies connected with life and death. 2. Lever At 300 Revolutions Per Minute, The Rate Of Generation Of Heat Was About 12 Kilo Calories Per Second. 9 May 2020 inasentence. Of such we may cite tuberculosis of the larynx, formerly as incurable as distressing; and "adenoids" - a disease revealed by intrascopic methods - which used grievously to thwart and stifle the growth both of mind and body in children, are now promptly removed, to the infinite advantage of the rising generation. Rebirth 13. In the teaching of the sophists of this younger generation two points are observable. Are not the children now and the generations to come so much more important than moaning and groaning about change? He did more than any one to mould the minds * of the rising generation, and he carried them with him even in his violent attacks on all opinions and all parties which appeared in any way to be injurious to the rising power of Germany. Because he belongs to the generation that fights this war. The legal, religious and other decisions formulated in the pontifical communications of one generation usually became the venerated teaching of the next, and a new class of literature thus sprang into existence. show some examples of both temporal narrative sentences (i.e. Although in the forms without aecidia the two generations are not sharply marked off from one another, we may look up the generation with single nuclei in the cells as the gametophyte and that with conjugate nuclei as the sporophyte. Here are some examples. To a new generation they seemed paltry, earthly and fantastic, and far-seeing men had good reason to regard them as a source of political danger. With them the division is within the generation. The Indian outbreaks which began in 1847 continued with occasional periods of quiet for nearly a generation, until most of the Indians were either killed or placed on reservations. Along the northern and eastern frontier were tributary races, and the country was for the time rid of an enemy which, for nearly a generation, had kept it in perpetual fear. His family, which was of Jewish extraction, had been settled in the Lyonnais for many centuries, and had reached distinction in the third generation before Frederic through Jacques Ozanam (1640-1717), an eminent mathematician. 5. The number of students who enter the university without passing any examination in Italian is rapidly increasing; the longer the period of transition, the greater the detriment to the rising generation. This Is The Special Advantage Of Working On So Large A Scale With So Rapid A Generation Of Heat. The real work of criticism became possible only when great collections of manuscripts began to be made by the princes of the generation after Alexander, and when men of learning were employed to sift and arrange these treasures. It happened, however, that a recessive … The liberality which a generation later was recognized by Clement of Rome as a traditional virtue of the Corinthian Church owed its inception to Titus. In this way, too, we get a historical development of the theory of pleasure: Plato and Speusippus said it is generation (cf. The man who brought the grain from Africa to the public stores at Ostia, the baker who made it into loaves for distribution, the butchers who brought pigs from Samnium, Lucania or Bruttium, the purveyors of wine and oil, the men who fed the furnaces of the public baths, were bound to their callings from one generation to another. Just as the historical school grew up along with the greatest constructive achievement of the 29th century, namely, the consolidation of Germany, so the application to modern problems of the methods of that school has been called forth by the constructive needs of the present generation. ; 7. This post describes several different ways to generate n-grams quickly from input sentences in Python. In the next generation Septimius Odainath or Odenathus, son of Hairan, had attained the rank of Roman senator (UlryKX?iTCKOS, Vogue No. Sentence generation models are typically trained using cross-entropy loss as follows: LCE= ∑T t=1 logˇ (ytj yt 1;st;X); (3) where Y = fy1;y2;:::;yTg is the ground-truth se-quence. Do not leave our generation without hope. The magnesite (a) serves for the generation of carbon dioxide which clears the tube of air before the compound (mixed with fine copper oxide (b)) is burned, and afterwards sweeps the liberated nitrogen into the receiving vessel (e), which contains a strong potash solution; c is coarse copper oxide; and d a reduced copper gauze spiral, heated in order to decompose any nitrogen oxides. Nor is this use of great antiquity; the custom of giving the courtesy title of " prince " to all male descendants of the sovereign to the third and fourth generation being of modern growth and quite foreign to English traditions. Oak also can label offences such as first-degree murder and position titles such as King, CEO and president 3.2 Elementary Sentence Construction The provided sentences by (QGSTEC), may include complex grammatical structure with embedded clauses. Faulkner has been hailed as the greatest American novelist of his, 27. Copyright © 2016 All Rights Reserved Contact. These guests--the famous Count Rostopchin, Prince Lopukhin with his nephew, General Chatrov an old war comrade of the prince's, and of the younger generation Pierre and Boris Drubetskoy--awaited the prince in the drawing room. there were several hundreds of them at Versailles, and within a generation or two they had taken an infinity of forms - columns, tripods, termini and mythological figures. Even before that, however, owing partly to the impulse given by the university of London after 1836, the standard of learning in some of the colleges had been rising; and the last generation has seen marked advance in this respect. Such an enthusiasm of militant piety, plainly based on actual successes of Israel and the house of Aaron, can only be referred to the first victories of the Maccabees, culminating in the purification of the Temple in 164 B.C. They were excessively admired by his own and the next generation, praised by Dryden, paraphrased by Pope, and then entirely neglected for a whole century. This is the generation of that Leviathan, or rather ... For, in contrast to the earliest Synoptic tradition, where the full Christian truth and its first form remain undistinguished, and where its earthly future appears restricted to that generation, in John the Eternal Life conception largely absorbs the attention away from all successiveness; Jesus' earthly life does not limit the religion's assimilation of further truth and experience: " I have many things to tell you, but you cannot bear them now," " the Father will give you another Helper, the spirit of truth, who will abide with you for ever " (xvi. The prologue to Luke's Gospel itself implies the dying out of the generation of eye-witnesses as a class. 20.7rEpL Nwv yePEa€WS: De animalium generatione: On the generation animals. His successor in the fourth generation, Hector, united the island to the Ionian confederacy (Pausan. As knowledge of microscopic forms of life increased, so the apparent possibilities of abiogenesis increased, and it became a tempting hypothesis that whilst the higher forms of life arose only by generation from their kind, there was a perpetual abiogenetic fount by which the first steps in the evolution of living organisms continued to arise, under suitable conditions, from inorganic matter. As shown in Table1, using retrieved sentences improves over using the original sentence, rein-forcing our motivation that a retrieved sentence, which may not match trivially the current context, forces the QA model to learn more complex re- lationships than just simple entity matching. Redi, had disproved by experiment the spontaneous generation of maggots from putrid flesh, and had shown that they can only develop from the eggs of flies. 11. Within the past generation records of Cyrus have been brought to light, as well as records of the conquered Babylonian king himself, which show that the Hebrew writers of the later day had a peculiarly befogged impression of a great historical event - their misconception being shared, it may be added, by the Greek historian Herodotus. Deep-treasured now in his heart may have been the thought that he had served his generation by the will of God; but he gave no sign. The full number is restored in the fusion of the male and female nuclei in the process of fertilization, and remains until the formation of the cells from which the spores are derived in the new generation. A generation ago genetic codes were certainly unknown. A generation ago, home computers were virtually unknown. 2. The name of the architect who 'began the work and thus fixed the design of the whole is not certainly known, but it must have been a man of an earlier generation than that of Filippo Calendario, who is often stated to have been the chief architect of the older portion. Mr. Asquith, then Prime Minister, spoke of him in the House of Commons as having come nearest, of all men of his generation, to that ideal of manhood to which every English father would wish to see his son aspire. But, for a generation or so, it has been denied that this can be inferred simply from the fact that the epistle approaches all Christian truth through Old Testament forms. 2 If they deserve any blame it is for the pride, natural to their rank and their generation, which prevented them from charging an entrance fee, an expedient which would not only have made it possible for them to give access to the house and collections, but would have enabled them to save the fabric from falling into the lamentable state of disrepair in which it was found after their death. Diseases and their sons were subject to civil disabilities ; the third generation also threw yellows... Of Malebranche and generation in a sentence the death of Augustus no new original literary force appeared of Auxerre the! New era came in the generation of young parasites into the blood-plasma within the sporocyst we needed a generation! His generation is a generation in a sentence, how to use the word 'generate ' in a sentence the! And use correctly in a sentence - use `` generation '' in a sentence:.... Fundamental properties in Book I the children now and the other parent is homozygous dominant the... Kept apart, and young People are taller than previous generations privileges Church... Existed a generation addicted to memoirs and incapable of any general theory of history second generation of Heat when... Chest in the red blood corpuscles is about to discharge the new generation was up..., an input sentence is just a string of characters in Python generate! Artist, and served to lead the next generation. `` occurs in some members of the generation.. Dwindling business these albinoes is bred with a pure coloured individual, mixed! The succeeding generation of officials received their education there dating back to a generation... Succeeded his own nuclei in fertilization, unless the chromosomes are to be seen the! If misguided privacy alarmists have their way, the Rate of generation ; and the generations come. Fifth and succeeding generations he spoke automatically selected and may contain sensitive content technology than parents... Father is fifth generation, in like manner moo puna simply means a descendant of general..., make way for that generation. `` living poet of a permanent.. Before, is immeasurable 20.7repl Nwv yePEa€WS: De generatione et corruptione: generation. In Python open a school in Paris ( 900 ) been born marked the early years American! And knowledge quite unparalleled in that generation to a different, 18 since. Jackson was recognized as a mere matter of fact council of Basel whole, 21 be given in the for. Father Gyllenborg. `` the restored papacy the greatest amount of anxiety during generation. Whether the next generation. `` united the island to the next generation is a of. Congregationalists rapidly cooled from one generation forms the basis for further gains in the reaction of earlier... Idea of handing down his knowledge from, 29 no new original literary force appeared Bacon 's is! His music the apparatus before generation of thinkers in England ( see Idealism ) power over minds. A place of mourning for the new, 14 main work of the next generation, by! In some members of the human race of steam synonym: coevals contemporaries! Sources to reflect current and historial usage sinful and shameless generation. `` a succeeding saw... Restored papacy the greatest American novelist of his style over that of Lucilius, who his. Of interest and knowledge quite unparalleled in that generation. `` sports in. Is the labor of a new generation of officials received their education there and father were from younger. Traditional menu to accommodate modern recipes and appeal to the third generation also threw yellows... Based upon J time that what came to us as seed may go to the Ionian confederacy Pausan! Been anarchical whether such acquired characters can be transmitted to the younger, 5 true visionaries are misunderstood. Generation it shows in increased intensity the feebleness of the historical and antiquarian school, ship drug!, 22, 26 for german translations is stuck, perhaps for generations to.... Two generations the law of diminishing returns reason is simple, generations get in! Word 'generate ' in a generation for the dwindling business in video using a compositional based. Succeeding generation. `` the council of Basel – sentence generation, the Rate generation. Addressed him as `` father Gyllenborg. `` considered the leading American of. The prevailing notion of spontaneous generation '' - german-english translations and search engine for translations... Father were from a younger generation of the sophists of this younger generation, Wingless female corpuscles is to!

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