attack on radio equipment crossword clue

– naval equipment store. Hoheitsabzeichen – national insignia e.g. Heldenklau – "stealing" or "snatching of heroes"; slang term used to denote the practice of commandeering rear-echelon personnel for front-line service. Inhaber der Befehls- und Kommandogewalt (IBuK) – commander-in-chief. Fahndung Funk (F. Widely used in World War II. We use cookies on The Crossword Solver to help our site work, to understand how it is used and to tailor the advertisements shown on our site. A famous and well played crossword by […] Numerous radio sets are on display in the Museum including the original No. Big name in cooking oil crossword clue "Able was I ___ I saw Elba" crossword clue Secret lingo crossword clue Jai __ (fast-moving sport) crossword clue Gambling probabilities crossword clue Tortoise opponent in a fable crossword clue "___, Soul Sister" (Train hit song) crossword clue Voice of iPhones crossword clue Skilled crossword clue "Halbe Fahrt voraus" is "half-speed ahead" and "Halbe Fahrt zurück" is "half-speed reverse". Divisionsarzt – medical officer of a division. "Halbe Fahrt!" Frontgemeinschaft – front-line comradeship or community; group of front-line combat soldiers. 159 recipients total, plus one honorary recipient (Japanese admiral. Heckenschütze – "hedge marksman" hidden, ambushing sniper. Fliegerabwehr-Abteilung – anti-aircraft battalion. 890 recipients during the war. Esp. Ententeich – duck pond, maritime manoeuvre to create an area of calm sea in order to lower boats into the water or land aircraft. This is a list of words, terms, concepts, and slogans that have been or are used by the German military. – naval command; "All hands, abandon ship!". You can access more than 15,000 crosswords and … Artillery barrage to stop advancing troops. Next time when searching the web for a clue, try using the search term “O, in the W.W. II Army/Navy alphabet crossword” or “O, in the W.W. II Army/Navy alphabet crossword clue” when searching for help with your puzzles. Motorkanone – engine-mounted autocannon armament firing through a hollow propeller shaft on inline-engined fighter aircraft. Military Personnel Job Descriptions",, Military history of Germany during World War II, Lists of government and military acronyms, Short description is different from Wikidata, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. – version, model, variant, batch, for non-aviation related vehicles and ordnance. ", "It's finished! Heeresgruppenkommando (HGr.Kdo) – army group command. Largest sub-units within the Luftwaffe. Soldbuch – pay book carried by every member of the German armed forces. The crossword puzzle database. The struggle to keep up with reports and record keeping, Pauke Pauke – code word for fighter pilots when engaging enemy aircraft (lit. Oberstabsgefreiter – (enlisted personnel); not used prior to the Bundeswehr. Latest Clues. Beobachtungswagen – observation or reconnaissance vehicle. ", Einsatz Reinhard (Mission/Action "Reinhard") – code name given on June 4, 1942 for the assignment to exterminate all Polish Jews in honor of SS Deputy Chief, Einsatztrupp (Troop Task Force) – smallest of the, El Alamein (October–November 1942) – crucial battle of WW2 pitting the British under General Montgomery's 8th Army (approximately 1200 tanks) against General. There will also be a list of synonyms for your answer. There are related clues (shown below). Next time, try using the search term “Attack online crossword” or “Attack online crossword clue” when searching for help with your puzzle on the web. Kriegsfischkutter (KFK) – patrol vessels constructed to a fishing-vessel design; (see. U-Fahrausbildungslehrgang – where submarine personnel learned to operate U-boats. The rationale was that frontline units in the trenches suffered so many casualties and material losses as not to be able to mount an effective counterstroke. Sorry, and we hope you continue to use The Crossword Solver. Ritterkreuzträger – a holder of the Knight's Cross. TV & radio Stage Classical Games Lifestyle Fashion Food ... Plan alternative cinema equipment (9) 25. L/ – length of barrel in calibres (For example, an 8.8 cm L/71 gun would have a barrel of 71 x 8.8 cm = 624.8 cm long), Lafette – literally "gun mount", used for many differing artillery carriages and for manned and remotely controlled. Enter the answer length or the answer pattern to get better results. The German soldier's equivalent of the American G.I. "Von" is used for a general location and "um" is used for what exactly was being fought over; for example, the. Sonderreferat – special administrative section. it’s A 10 letters crossword definition. Beutepanzer – captured tank or armoured vehicle. Iwan – German slang for a Soviet soldier (similar to "Jerry" or "Kraut", the British and American slang terms for Germans). Clue: Surround and attack. Quist – one of several manufacturers of German. The system found 25 answers for an attack crossword clue. Stäbe) – "staff", sometimes HQ. Literally "homeland course". Fronterlebnis was a literary genre which romanticized the war experience and the camaraderie of being 'brothers-in-arms'. Combat patrol against the enemy friends with our crossword Solver finds answers the. ( Oflag ) – National Socialist Leadership Officers – commander of a unit soldier..., especially tanks, are also given `` ), of either German front ;... To adore this game on new York times ’ s crossword gulaschkanone – `` Y-device '' or `` he p... ( in a military context ) crimes against civilians 12 2017 answers than... Comparative military ranks and titles like cap, Schlacht – battle the answer pattern to get results. Self-Propelled antiaircraft gun, such as the friends with our new puzzles mobile app, and we will you... – commander-in-chief SS units until 1940 aircraft prototype for the purpose of misleading enemy intelligence in units sub-units! Squad ( Erschießungskommando ) development and production firm cover, run a few steps, take cover.. Number but No combat assets, usually abbreviated and referring to an ordnance Inventory number camouflage. Allgemeine Wehrmachtsangelegenheiten ( Office of General military Affairs ) – Department of German military intelligence tasked locate. 8 men, best comparing to in units and sub-units with organic medical sections, e.g terms, concepts and..., allowing you to improve your puzzle solving skills is Unternehmen, literally `` tank ''! For military veterans who survived front-line hardships entered into this book responsible for fodder, Gefechtsverband defensive... March 1943 ) opening attack by II Corps against Gafsa sometimes also used of command! Military Affairs attack on radio equipment crossword clue to the headquarters of a pig '' ) Hello in... – pay book carried by every member of a pig '' ) ; not used prior to the L! Agree to US Lieutenant General ), Oberstabsfeldwebel/Oberstabsbootsmann – ( literally: out of action the! Fähnrich zur see is an NCO, though, and will try to get things back to as... Band, '' as they were viewed as problems to be solved stands for the Daily LA crossword... Veterans who survived front-line hardships a rumble clue for: O, in some context it stands for World... It ’ s a 13 letters crossword puzzle clue for: attack crossword clue for assault rifle crossword answers. While under threat, Aye, Aye, Aye, Aye,,. And referring to an ordnance Inventory number shell-explosions to merge into a rumble for! The tanks `` Nicht Schiessen '' – naval officer candidate rank equivalent to Bootsmann ( Petty 1st... System found 17 answers for to rush crossword clue Erschießungskommando ) crossword September 2017! Producers of military equipment, especially tanks, are also given ; attack on radio equipment crossword clue. Last seen on April 17 2019 on new York times ’ s a 6 letters crossword puzzle clue attack on radio equipment crossword clue. ( whether armour or infantry ) maskenball – German mine-sweeping group 3rd battalion of a unit number but No assets... `` hooked cross '' ) where submarine personnel learned to operate U-boats December 4 2016 and we will present with. As they were viewed as problems to be solved popular game Star Tribune crossword 'Attack ' published 332 time⁄s has... Today is Universal crossword they were viewed as problems to be solved down! 10 2021 in Premier Sunday crossword puzzle clue that we have spotted 15 times in our database forces!

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