what your favorite baseball team says about you

Short and angry. What is you're favorite baseball team (if you have one)? You're pretty preppy. Why don’t you take up the quiz below and get to find out! As the shortstop's runner-up, you have a chip on your shoulder. You crave constant attention and affection. Babe Ruth, the Hall of … But when I’m not watching baseball or reading about baseball, I’m listening to baseball. Sports Baseball Team Report. You're not carefree in the slightest, but that's totally cool. OK, Casey Stengel never actually said this. Exceptions do exist; articulate third basemen have been spotted—although rarely, like seeing the aurora borealis from Florida. 0 0. You always know what to do and won't hesitate to act. Baseball is one of the most played sport in schools in the country but sadly most players don’t make it to the major league. Your team may not have that much history, but they're the closest thing you've got, unless you wanna count the Colorado Rockies. The Best Strength and Power Superset for Athletes, Why Nutrition Isn't About Making the 'Perfect' Choice, Quick Cues to Clean Up Your Kettlebell Swing, A Peloton Bike Probably Won't Get You Your Dream Body. That means you learned to talk to adults at a young age. No offense, and this isn't always the case, but you are usually a coach's son or one of the lesser-skilled players on the team—someone whose interest in baseball and picking dandelions runs about 50/50. You make the best friends, spouses and—eventually—coaches. Compromising is not your strong suit, but you're working on it. You might, but we doubt it! Much like a shutdown corner in football, this requires the services of a player who thinks he can do far more than he actually can. Show More. Overlooked. Mark Teixeira Shares 4 Fielding Tips for First Basemen. You do live a pretty interesting life, so why wouldn't others want to hear about it? Baseball Exercises: Should You Lift Overhead? "Tell me what position a man plays, and I can describe his hobbies, his personal life and the current state of his sock drawer." But nobody ever hits the ball to second. Therefore all we can do is bet on the team that we believe in. That's not to say there aren't great first basemen. wait and figure out how to work it out. Catchers? What baseball team are you. BASEBALL There are. They have also featured several of the greatest lineups the world of baseball has ever seen. Show Less. Since Oregon State is ranked No. Play ball! Why? Aston Villa-- By all accounts, they have the most miserable, self-loathing fan base in the EPL. Ready to find out what your fave sport reveals about you? New York Mets: The team's corporate name is "Metropolitan Baseball Club, Inc." and Mets was a welcome shortening of this. 886 takers. You talk to coaches every inning. Many years down the road, when you are forced into long conversations about wedding centerpieces with your fiancée, you will be ready. "Tell me what position a man plays, and I can describe his hobbies, his personal life and the current state of his sock drawer." Which popular baseball team are you??? Aristotle would have played a mean right field. If they sign your favorite player away from your favorite team. You're also a complete goofball, because pitchers have so much downtime. NEXT QUESTION BELOW. But the often-tedious road to incremental improvement has an exciting destination. The New York Yankees are America's favorite baseball team, according to the latest Gallup poll, conducted March 26-28. Face it head on and out all your self into it. You're responsible for covering the largest area on the field. | One of the things I love best about baseball is how meritocratic it is. – Casey Stengel. I've played on, coached and covered a lot of baseball teams, and the position you play says at least a little something about you. The key to any good relationship is communication. You definitely believe in quality over quantity. Pitchers lead all teams in setting their teammates' shoelaces on fire. I've played on, coached and covered a lot of baseball teams, and the position you play says at least a little something about you. But in many cases, you are just good enough defensively to avoid screwing things up. Everything you do is always done on time, if not way before the deadline. Second basemen? Answer for question: Your name: Answers. So you grit your teeth, swear you'll prove everybody wrong, take your position and wait for your chance. 1. If you didn't find your favorite baseball joke here, please leave it below in the comments section so that we can add it to the list. It's a study of who you are as a human being, and indeed is functionally a … Baseball Phrases for our national pastime. What does it all mean? Praise is always welcome, no matter who it's from. To this quiz there are four possible outcomes. You wouldn't be a centerfielder if you didn't. You probably already knew this, but you pretty much fit the surfer stereotype. PITCHER. OK, Casey Stengel never actually said this. It's hard to tell unless people get to know you, but the right fielder is the team philosopher. You're deeply concerned with what others think of you, so you try your best to be the person everyone can't help but like. You're always surrounded by people—friends, family or even strangers. A team gets its swagger from you. Haven't won since 1908. You're an Arizona Diamondbacks fan. All of the characteristics that make someone a good boxer—light feet, quick hands, lack of concern for your well-being—also make you a good third baseman. Created by Samuel Lisak On Oct 29, 2015 How good is your team? As the guy who plays the least physically demanding position on the field, you are quite aware that your place on the team hangs by the thinnest of threads. Your saving grace: first basemen are often among the best sluggers on the team and can smack the crud out of the ball at the plate. Proud Army Wife. Typically the flashiest guy on the team. Passionate to a fault, you will always support the people and things you adore most in this world. You always know what to … While you are competitive, you're a relatively laidback and chill person who lives by the phrase "hakuna matata." Set aside a month or two, or perhaps even the whole football season before you make up your mind. One dropped ball or an o-for-12 slump and you are on the bench. Chances are you're involved in a ton of different extracurricular activities. Small. Oh, pipe down, let me explain. Anonymous. From the foods we eat to the movies we watch, everything we like reveals a ton about our personality, including sports. Good spouses. You leave baseball and become a Navy SEAL. But don't yell while your guy is at-bat -- this is their place of business and they are working, and if it's a game day, trying to get properly focused. There are few baseball teams more loved and more despised than the New York Yankees, and since 1901 they have amassed one of the most prolific winning percentages in any sport. Hopefully you are satisfied with your result and appreciate the time and effort it took to make this quiz. You have the tendency to dominate any conversation you're in, because you love to talk about yourself. But since my favorite team are not where i live, then i only have to put one team and player! You work the ump for strikes. My favorite team is the Retrievers: the University of Maryland Baltimore County (UMBC) baseball team. and How come some dogs walk in circles before they lie down? also put the name of ur favorite player on that team. How do you think about the answers? You can just pretend like you've been cheering for them the whole time. These twelve questions will reveal your favorite baseball team. The data is based on regular-season games only. You field grounder after grounder, day after day. You sit down in the middle of the third inning of a game and gently weep. In a nutshell: You are someone who has read the entire "List of Vampire Traits in Folklore and Fiction" Wikipedia page and can talk about it at length. You're also a bit of a loner, spending your days watching obscure TV shows and movies that no one else has ever heard of. You are generally not the brightest guy on the team. So grab your glove and cap, it’s time to throw the first pitch. Deep thinkers. You're serious on game day because you play the most demanding position on the field. But like most lunks, the third baseman has a big heart, which is why you're also the most reliable guy on the team—on the field and off. Offseason Baseball: How Not To Derail The Next Season, Get the Most Out of Your Winter Baseball Workouts, How to Properly Recover After Your Baseball Season, How Long Is a Baseball Game? Just like on the field, you're quick on your feet off it, too. Passionate like the Phillies? No one plans to be there. Answer #1 | 04/11 2016 22:57 Philadelphia Phillies Positive: 100 %. Let me explain. Just remember that wolves don't lose sleep over the opinions of sheep, so try to be more like a wolf from time to time. The ins and outs of your mind and the way you are viewed by those closest to you will give us all the right clues to make an accurate guess. What is your favorite baseball team? Have you been wondering what MLB baseball team fits your personality? You might be an athletic fielder who can outstretch Van Damme and save a fellow infielder when he goes all Ricky Vaughn on a routine grounder. How To Choose Your New Favorite Baseball Team For The Next Month. Here's Why, Instagram Round-Up: Jim Harbaugh Challenges a Walrus to a Push-Up Contest, Plus 14 Must-See Posts, Fitness Fail Friday: Why You Won't See Gatorade Showers During March Madness, Sneakerheads: 5 Tips For Getting the Shoes You Want, No Matter Where You Live, Instagram Round-Up: Justin Tuck 'Almost Dies,' Plus 14 More Can't-Miss Athlete Posts, Fitness Fail Friday: The Right Way to Fall, Best Baseball Exercises for Developing Rotational Power. The future is always on your mind, so everything you do is to ensure a positive one for yourself. This quiz now makes it simple to figure out what baseball team you need to root for. The chip on your shoulder grows larger over time until either: Shortstops are reliable. Third base is a reacting position. No statistics back this up, but if a stranger ever helped you change a tire or returned your wallet after you lost it, odds are he was a third baseman. You're also disciplined and stick to a strict schedule. But it's your unflinching willingness to go over the wall, make the dive or rifle the ball home that sets you apart from the rest of the team. Get to scrolling! If you are an amazing pitcher surrounded by eight Neanderthals, you still have a shot at winning. if ur favorite team is the team of ur current city, add another team that is not in ur city. Are you loyal like the Red Sox? You hate the Yankees and love that your team has one of the greatest legacies in baseball. What is YOUR favorite Baseball team? Angry. I cry … Well here's your shot! As for pitchers, if your favorite isn't pitching that day, he'll be hanging around the dugout. First, the most ‘liked’ team in the U.S. is also the most famously hated: By county, the Yankees have the most fans in … You just kind of end up there for some reason and you're not sure why. Lots of strategy and politicking. Since baseball is more than a sport to most people around the world, people have favorite teams. He's the kid who doesn't say much, but when he does, it's inspirational, hilarious or deep. Finally got good. The position you play on the diamond says a lot about you. The virtue of repetition is drilled into your skull. Also explore over 1 similar quizzes in this category. Think about it. You know how to settle a pitcher down. Don't forget, if you ever have any baseball bat related questions, you can give our friendly Bat Experts a call at 866-321-2287 at any time of the day. In a way, this makes you boring. Add to library 1 » Discussion 6 » Follow author » Share . I would. Here are my 10 favorite baseball-themed songs: 10. Short and angry. 6. There are a few interesting things going on in the map. After all, why stress when you can enjoy life? A huge collection of baseball sayings, phrases, slogans, mottos and quotes that won’t leave you stranded at third. Your sunglasses are more reflective. Picking your favorite NFL team isn't merely an exercise in geography. Shortstops are cello players in cleats. You're a total team player. 1. There's always a reason behind everything you do. No one should blame you. Keep reading. Play ball! Or, at the very least, how non-physiological factors can often augment purely physical talents or paper over deficiencies. You are simultaneously the most serious and the goofiest guy on the team. Since you’re trying to pick a favorite team for the long-haul, don’t rush the process. So do you want to take this quiz? That's what happens when you support a team … You discover early in life the secret to success is logging the hours every day and slowly improving. A good catcher talks to just about everybody on the field, and this prepares you for life. You set the infield. This quiz will help guide you to the answer to a question the in the end only you can decide: which MLB team fits you the best? Center field is a glamorous position. You're unique and hate the idea of blending in with the crowd. Your cleats are brighter. You work best in a group and are generally the leader for all group assignments because you know other people's strengths. Left field is the Arby's of baseball positions. 1 decade ago. Exceptions do exist; articulate third basemen have been spotted—although rarely, like seeing the aurora borealis from Florida. And maybe you're one of them. When confront with a big decision what do you do? Nothing spectacular ever comes quickly or easily, which you're more than aware of. My favorite baseball team is the Marlins my favorite player is Cody Ross and all around stand up guy great clutch hitter and probably the best fielding center fielder in the league. Once you set your sights on something, there is no stopping you. Second basemen? I recently wrote about my favorite baseball movies and baseball books. Right fielders? quiz which has been attempted 2519 times by avid quiz takers. What team do you actually like way deep down. If he is pitching, he'll be too busy to talk with you. Communication. East coast West Coast Midwest West South Southwest ADVERTISEMENT. Your socks are higher. To determine the favorite baseball team in every state, The Active Times reached out to ticket marketplace Vivid Seats, which broke down 2019 ticket orders by state and included Washington, D.C. Instant access to FREE resources that have helped millions of people jump higher, run faster, get stronger, eat smarter and play better. So you naturally develop interests outside of baseball. Not much happens in right field. While you may come off a bit brash initially, those who spend a lot of time with you know you're really just a big softy. Nothing, and we mean nothing, can break your spirit. They can easily field a team that has a Hall of Fame player at every position except 2b if you put Berra in LF (he did play 2,100 or so innings in the OF) and let Dickey catch. You're a bit aggressive. I always find it fascinating to learn how people choose the teams they root for. You're always the smartest person in the room, even if that room were filled with the brightest minds on the planet. You're incredibly strong, both mentally and physically. You might be as stubborn as a mule, but who would think of a mule as their favorite animal. Because you play well with others, the thought of being alone even for a second leaves a bad taste in your mouth. Good spouses. Join STACK and gain instant FREE access to resources that have helped millions of people jump higher, run faster, get stronger, eat smarter and play better. New York Yankees: The team was initially named the Highlanders due to their ballpark being located on top of a hill. Find out HERE. 2. Select from the best for shirts, banners, posters, t-shirts, jerseys, signs, warm-ups, locker rooms, and more. ADVERTISEMENT. Your car is nicer than the coach's. so for me its: New York Yankees, Alex Rodriguez. Deep thinkers. Try this amazing What Is Your Favorite Baseball Team? Early Specialization vs. You're definitely the epitome of sarcastic though. These twelve questions will reveal your favorite baseball team. You accept your lot in life as a second baseman and take your aggression out by leading the team in triples. Where do you live? tl;dr version: the New York Yankees. While this doesn't stop you from working hard, you understand things take time. 25 in the Top 25 rankings, the Beavs are Siri’s favorite team. The sport you enjoy playing or watching most gives others a glimpse of the type of person you are. You can also often find players after the game. Are they your favorite, or do you spit on the hallowed ground of Yankee stadium? There are many good baseball teams out there, but only a few are very popular. You remember the other team's tendencies and know how to take advantage of them. You're incredibly patient. But for the most part, certain positions attract certain types of people. Except for a quarterback, the pitcher is the most important player in team sports. The poll also shows baseball ranks as America's third favorite sport to watch, following football and basketball, but that more Americans consider themselves "fans" of baseball than of any other sport except football. But still waters run deep, and you are a far more complex individual than you get credit for. You can sign in to vote the answer. And wait and wait and wait and wait. But the Hall of Fame manager should have, because it's true. Championships for days. If anyone knows that good things come to those who wait, it's you. Are you smart and powerful like the Yankees? This is how Derek Jeter, who may be the most boring human being on Earth, has been one of the game's most dazzling performers for two decades. The preference in which team is dear to us is mainly influenced by our upbringing and the early childhood memories we hold dear. Just like on the field, you're quick on your feet off it, too. You know they look good on college applications and will get you far in life, which makes the lack of free time worth it to you. You'll get by one wave at a time. Topics: Your organization skills are unparalleled. You have to think highly of yourself. But the Hall of Fame manager should have, because it's true. Soccer. You’re going to want to review all of the teams you’ve considered fairly, and give yourself time to consider the many factors. There are also 12 easy questions. Sign in. But for the most part, certain positions attract certain types of people. Keep reading. Catchers? Rally your baseball team, inspire your fans, and liven up the crowd! Centerfielders have a very high opinion of themselves. When you can make the tough play look easy, you can make the impossible possible. Right fielders? You're a no-nonsense individual and know exactly where you want to be 10 years from now. This fact is not lost on you. My son, Liam, is the pitching coach and recruiting coordinator for UMBC. We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. There’s a wide spectrum of answers, from lineage (you root for the team your dad roots for) to location (whether it’s where you’re from or where you were when you started caring about the sport) to pure coincidence (the underdog you picked for a March Madness bracket actually won; now you … Good, this is your team." Early Sampling: Which is Better? Fielding hard grounders and line drives is like being punched with the ball. Most people assume you are just a cannon arm activated by a shriveled monkey brain. You're consistent. Newspapers shortened this to Yankees due to them playing in the American League. Jose Bautista. You're vastly independent, so often times it's your way or the highway. Always relevant. If they sign your second-favorite player. Well, It Depends, 3 Unconventional Rotational Power Exercises For Pitchers, Debunking Common Post-Pitching Treatments, Throwing Load Explained: How to Deload and Still Be Ready When the Season Begins, Simple Youth Baseball Drills for Infielders, List of Vampire Traits in Folklore and Fiction, Get Faster for Any Sport With This 12-Week Speed Workout. – Casey Stengel. Curious to know what your favorite school subject reveals about you? ADVERTISEMENT. All the time you spend standing around in the outfield gives you the freedom to contemplate life's many mysteries—like Why are we here? The position you play on the diamond says a lot about you. But put a weak-armed Neanderthal on the mound, and you're probably going to lose, even if the pitcher is surrounded by eight all-stars.

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